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Центр правовой помощи мигрантам - Review

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Estate agency Evrodom Dnepropetrovsk

I do not recommend this agency as an employer. Take the money for education, but it's not worth it. If the

Utilities (Tver, ul. Gromov)

Friend lives on the fifth floor of a five-story building. In the courtyard of the winter, number of snow beyond, and,

Talnovsky sugar factory - pollute the countryside.

In our town about a year ago started a sugar factory. Like all good, but it is very polluting. I can not look like

Disgusting state registrar of Bratsk

In Bratsk is a normal registry office in the city center - spacious, with a beautiful design, the recently renovated.

Children's homes - a little on them the state allocates money to Russia

Recently passed a children's home - was in shock! He looks like a prison. At the same time for kindergartens

We are facing the cutoff rate increases on suburban w / w transport

January 1, OAO "RZD" in the reform process separates the unprofitable and profitable modes of transport. In

PJSC "Donetskoblenergo"

Recently (in autumn 2013.) we, like all neighbors, set the meter on the facade of the house in a special sealed by the

Metropolis CC blames its customers.

I warn those who are going to work in any field of this company. Just want to talk, because the company is not reliable

Bought toothpicks. I thought everything is OK! Made out of shit! Can you imagine! Solid SHIT! Th-th-yay! As so mAzhlivo! :)))))

Bought toothpicks. I thought everything is OK! Made out of shit! Can you imagine! Solid SHIT! Th-th-yay! As so

Repair of roads in Tver

In Tver, there are very few roads, mostly in the pits, potholes and bumps. However, there is no markup. People break

Internet Service Provider "Total Telecom" (Rostov-on-Don) - a complete rudeness.

Recently conducted a web of "Total Telecom" (Rostov). When the router is set up, we had to go to tehsluzhbu

In Formula Delivery problems with machines.

Trying to make an order with them, the story was very funny, but I as a customer was not funny. At first they could not

Kievoblenegro writes incorrect meter readings

For the fourth winter of watching the same picture! Unscrupulous employees Kievoblenergo, specifically Skvyrskogo RP

Labour and Social Welfare, social security, the Slavyansk. They are working bullies!

Do not speak for all workers, but there are individuals out there that allow a lot! Raise his voice and offended! Do

The worst does not happen.Deception and waste of money.

All kind time of day!Clearly and concisely written.If you want to get a low-quality counters that fly in six


Многим хочу зарекомендовать этот магазин сантехники, так как сама по опыту знаю, что очень сложно найти хорошую и качест

Отзыв о магазине Заодно

В течение 8 последних лет (до 2015 года) продавал бытовую технику, был свой магазин. Но в связи с открытием магазинов не

Thank you for your efficient work!

Last week I had an unpleasant situation. The apartment slammed the door when I just went to a neighbor. The husband was

Сервисный центр А-Айсберг

Первый раз вызывала мастера по ремонту техники, сервисную службу А-Айсберг просто нашла в интернете, так как был поздний

Надежный центр

Мало того, что добиться приема в посольстве в Москве почти невозможно, меня вымотали постоянные отказы и потеря денег. Я

Excellent service and the quality of services

Happened a few years to work with a large number of companies that provide transportation, but if we talk about the

«Единая клининговая служба» в Челябинске

Неоднократно пользовались услугами компании «Единая клининговая служба» в Челябинске. Работа всегда сделана на высшем ур

Qualified damage assessment from the Gulf

I want to recommend the services of "Bureau of independent assessment and examination" in a situation when there was a

Покупкой довольна.Рекомендую.

На сайт Компании ООО"Сигма Комплект" попала случайно, когда находилась в поиске материала для строительства загородного

«Единая клининговая служба» в Омске

Неоднократно пользовались услугами компании «Единая клининговая служба» в Омске. Работа всегда сделана на высшем уровне,

Как оформить визу и начать жить

Нередко граждане России сталкиваются с необходимостью посещения США в деловых или личных целях. Чтобы оперативно и качес

Франшиза готового бизнеса в сфере Такси

Уважаемые предприниматели! С приходом на рынок таких компаний как UBER, Яндекс.Такси, GetTaxi открыть свой бизнес в сфе


This new year I was assigned to organize a corporate event for our company. Appealed for help to the festive Agency,

Квалифицированные услуги по созданию интернет магазина

Обратилась в компанию, когда потребовалось создание интернет магазина. Специалисты для начала выслушали все мои пожелани

Passport Office in Chelyabinsk without queuing!

Get a passport in the Soviet region of Chelyabinsk. Actually surprised that he was quickly drawn up, almost for 1.5

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