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Препарат для лечения печени гепатопротектор Фосфоглив - Review

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Nasal drops "xylitol" from Company "LENS-Pharm" - completely ineffective

Of course, in our time is very hard to find a good tool that would really help quickly deal with the cold. But of nasal

IMMOSTAT tab. 100mg No. 10 Darnitsa

Went "wave" of flu and acute respiratory viral infections and for prevention of child the doctor prescribed my daughter

Relief remedy hemorrhoids does not help

Your doctor has prescribed for relief from hemorrhoids, but this tool does not help. I want to note that it in the tube

Cough syrup Prospan

Cough syrup Prospan took during the week, but cough and failed. I think this tool is useless and does not advise to

Nurofen for Children Strawberry flavor

Winter. Naturally from all the viruses can not hide, that we picked up some. My daughter temperature rose on hand were

The drops in the nose "Izofra" caused an allergic reaction.

Treated runny nose drops "Izofra" manufacturing lab-REKORDATI Bouchard, France. After instillation of

Oxolinic ointment skin irritant

When the influenza epidemic, the district appointed doctor to prevent oxolinic ointment. I hit it with a thin layer

Aflubin Drops

The child is often sick from viral diseases. During the period when the epidemic flu, the doctor prescribed for the

Syrup for children "Mucosolvan" not effective.

Usually treat their children and themselves lechimsya traditional medicines. But when the younger son was coughing

Cough syrup Altace from Arterium

The son became ill after visiting the kindergarten, cough along with a runny nose, a pediatrician wrote us the syrup

Laxative Farmak " Pikolaks "

Laxative Farmak " Pikolaks " I had a child when he began to have constipation. The medication helped

Cough syrup Pertussin " "

Cough syrup " potassium permanganate 3 G " " Dal′himfarm of " has only one strong a

ANTIFLU KIDS remedy for colds

Recently my child has a cold, cough, runny nose, fever. The doctor recommended to drink sachet to ANTIFLU KIDS (the

Gel 1% Diclofenac Health

Gel 1% Diclofenac from pharmaceutical companies Health. to my deep regret was not effective in the treatment of leg

Eye drops Vizin - a temporary effect.

From DC my eyes began to look red and tired. Decided to buy Vizin to remove redness. When the user has studied, there

Helped with my problems with the liver.

Unexpectedly for itself became acquainted with the same diagnosis as fatty liver. At first it was nothing unclear how,

Propolis Tincture - is effective for colds

Propolis tincture is useful in various diseases, what can you learn from the annotations. I would like to write a

Guinot-tardiferon from "Robofarm" - a well lifts the level of iron in the body

especially strongly felt the lack of iron in the blood during pregnancy, began to develop anemia. Started taking the

Sublingual tablets 100 mg Glycine RB Biotics - works

Suffer vascular dystonia of the brain, it always felt a nervousness and dizziness. Glycine was regularly taken, or

Coldact - good help from the cold

It is not like taking medication, but then withdrew prishlos.Simptomy, although not completely cured, sore throat, but

The drug helped Ursohol with bile stasis

I was diagnosed with bile stasis, and said that the bile I have very thick, and if nothing is done can form stones in

Omez (omeprazole) - an effective tool for gastric

My husband ulcer. Exacerbations are very common. Capsules omez the only tool that helps him, they block the pain,

The transition to isulin of Renlys

Leave a small review about insulin. Rinos Kohl for about a month. To go with the Humalog was not desire.

Cream Pimafucin production Astellas Pharma Europe BV (Yamonouchi) quickly healed yeast.

After the birth had to take antibiotics, which caused the thrush. Pleasant was very little, especially given the

Tablets Cough "mukaltin Forte" Arterium - help

How it so happened that bronchitis for the past two months sick a second time. Many have tried drugs to thin the mucus,

Citramon forte - the best way to relieve a headache

When I have a terrible headache accept Tsiramon forte - the perfect remedy to quickly relieve pain and for a long time,

I helped suggest

When I had obvious signs of varicose veins, I honestly was very scared. Appealed to phlebologist for advice, since the

Loratadine-Darnitsa - good antiallergic drug

I'm allergic to cottonwood fluff, because in the flowering season of this tree, I always use pills,

Novalgin a great tool

Early from severe pain during menses, I just couldn't get out of bed, didn't know what to take a little bit to ease the

Tablets "Glycine" helped me cope with the constant nervous tension.

I remember, it was time for the stress-stress. Problems in all spheres of life. Then came to the rescue

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