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Capsules for colds and flu Antigrippin-ANVI - Review

5 30.11.2019

Capsules is just great!!!

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Antigrippin-ANVI. Capsules to treat the first signs of flu and colds. Capsules, which have repeatedly rescued me. The first time I bought it by accident at the drugstore when the situation that we had to very quickly leave, and I have just began to show the first symptoms of a cold.
Already at the station popped into a pharmacy and just asked for something to day to survive in the train, before arriving in another city.
On arrival felt like the first day, the deterioration was not, so I continued taking these capsules instructions.
By the end of the third day I have had those symptoms what was at the beginning of treatment. Thought to stop to drink it, but decided that it may wrap in the opposite direction, especially since the weather was not very good. Drank two more days and all.
From my incipient cold is not gone. Since then, the drug took note. As soon as the body started to "sausage" in the pharmacy and started the reception.
Thanks Antigrippin-ANVI, such that the first symptoms were already saved at least three times over the last year. And even once my cold has escalated into a more serious sore.

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