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Капсулы от простуды и гриппа Антигриппин-АНВИ - Review

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Cough syrup "Erespal" - does not help!

Cough syrup "Erespal" attributed to the child in a children's clinic. After application of this drug had

Lisinopril from the JSC "North Star" - virtually no effect.

Acquired grandmother pills lisinopril. Took it took them, and the pressure was 180-200 as the top and left. Switched to

Shilajit - the beginning of the end!

This is a known drug was very popular in the 80s, and was a panacea for all ills, but it brought only harm to people!

Balsamic liniment (Vishnevsky)

Balsamic liniment (Vishnevsky), Vishnevsky ointment or, as we used to call it, is known for its specific aroma and a

The drug "No-spa" in capsules from Boehringer Ingelheim - a very painful sting

Popal I recently hospitalized with exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. They stabbed me, "But, silos," when I

The Drug Collickid

In the hospital we were advised from the gas to give the child Collickid. My toddler this drug did not help! I got the

An aqueous solution of vitamin D3 Aquadetrim (Akvadetrim) - many side effects!

Appointed children's therapist child aqueous solution of vitamin D3 Aquadetrim (Akvadetrim) for the prevention of

Drop "Pinosol" - feeling terrible

Bought nasal drops "Pinosol" from the Slovak company "Zentiva". Like the natural composition based

Zitrolid forte pronounced side effects

Last year was treating bronchitis antibiotic Sumamed. Again this winter colds and complication - bronchitis. Assigned

" Pills No pharmaceutical company " Therapy

No " " tablets for the treatment of the throat (the company) do not help completely! Bought them in

Pills "Paracetamol" LLC "Asfarma"

Decided to save and bought pills "Paracetamol" domestic production, Producer "Asfarma." When cold

Tablets Furosemide diuretic

In older people by age 75, already accumulated a bunch of diseases, my mother is no exception. Suffers high blood

ointment Levomekol

After applying the tattoo on the left shoulder blade), the master recommended for healing ointment Levomekol. As

Lekor (nifuroxazide)

Somewhere caught an intestinal infection, a simple coal was not enough to overcome and symptoms and the pathogen. Time

Cough medicine Pulmonis

In the winter I got sick with bronchitis, the doctor prescribed cough medicine Pulmonis. They were very unpleasant

The cream-balm 911, Wand - wand.

Aids in chapping good person, relieves irritation, peeling and dry skin. Excellent help with diaper rash in babies.

Paracetamol syrup (UAB SPC "Borschigovsky CPP", Kiev) - different drug.

Buy. When children are sick. really liked this product. Temperatures knocked down quickly and permanently. Compared to

Capsules "Tsitovir-3" from the flu

Tsitovir-3-a very effective antiviral drug. Learned about it online Using the

Как я ним делала профилактику

Пару недель назад видела передачу по телику, кто-то из врачей минут 30 рассказывал о том что нас ждет новый вирус, котор

Balsam "root" Siberian health - a wide range of actions

"root" - has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties. I have used it for mastitis breast,

The drug that is necessary!

And I will write about my own experience of using this preparation as Neurodes. To begin with,what is the problem with

Мой спаситель при сахарном диабете

Всегда знала, что у меня может быть сахарный диабет, потому что по маминой линии, на моей памяти три женщины болели этим

Nasal drops for children Akvamaris - help is very good!

About a month ago the child had a bad cold, dripping Nazivin, but it did not help. On the advice of friend bought

Отзыв о спрее с маслом дыши

Это композиция из шести эфирных масел с левоментолом. Продается во флакончике со спреем. Производит компания Аквион. Мн

От хронической усталости

Только закончила прием, принимала в первый раз из-за хронической усталости. Обычно после отпуска я бодренькая, в этот ра

Melaxen is a great tool to build a dream

As a teenager I noticed that I have trouble falling asleep if I'm in a new place. So it was to travel on tour to other

Веррукацид - раствор для домашнего удаления бородавок и папиллом.

Некоторые ходят в салон удалять бородавки и папилломы, выкладывая не малую сумму (все зависит от количества наростов). А

Ointment Balm Papaw Ointment Lucas' - a surprisingly versatile tool

It's a unique tool that I use to moisturize the skin roughened parts of the elbows, knees, soles of the feet.

Headache tablets Panamax - better than dipyrone

Recently tried to take pills for headaches Panamax and felt a noticeable effect. They are weaker than ibuprofen, but

Balsam "Lifeguard" by TM Alfa Intel Sp - quickly heals wounds, prevents scarring.

Two months ago I was bitten by the hand of a neighbor shepherd. Fortunately, the dog was not mad, just rude. Though she

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