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Babino - Review

-1 13.07.2014

Carminativum Babynos, drops of baby colic

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When we had a baby girl and she started having problems with the stomach, the question became what medicine to buy in order to get rid of unpleasant sensations. Doctor has recommended Carminativum Babynos, we are not thinking decided to buy it. When I read it, I'm a little stunned, is a medication that contains alcohol, but once the doctor advised, all the same decided to give, have dissolved in water, as according to the instructions. Not only that the girl refused to drink it, I somehow it jabbed, so it after 10 minutes, began vomiting, since I did not understand what this is from a medication, but when when taking the second time this all happened, I immediately realized what it was. Therefore, I would like to advise mothers, before you buy any medicine, read the instructions and still alcoholic tinctures not desirable to give the baby, suddenly his intolerance of alcohol.

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