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Кератин ST Amazon - Review

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Wicked Princess shampoo

My daughter really liked the shampoo "Princess". We can say that we have become fans of this brand, which produces

Shandy nettle shampoo and mint

Start using shampoo Shandy nettle and peppermint almost lost hair. Shampoo foams well and cleans the hair without


Conditioner Dove DAMAGE SOLUTIONS proved equally useless acquisition, as well as the eponymous shampoo. The consistency

Shampoo Weleda "With calendula and chamomile" strongly confuses long hair.

Shampoo Weleda "With calendula and chamomile," my wife did not like. For consistency it is transparent,

Shampoo grandmother Agafia itchy

I'm not a criticism of local producers, but shampoo "Recipes grandmother Agafia" (honey and lime-based

Shampoo with zinc and tar

For dandruff and hair loss, I have gotten a shampoo brand "Green pharmacy" with zinc and birch tar. Can't say that he

Hair Dye Natural and Easy 545 tons of "Honey medium golden-brown" - spoils the structure of the hair

hair dyed a golden-brown color, tint, not bad, but the paint is Natural and Easy disgusting acts on the hair,

Shampoo "Burdock" 100 recipes of beauty

Bought this shampoo is completely random. Was a guest in rural areas, and as there was no other stores and accordingly

Bialowieza melodies balm mask

Cream-Mask BelKosmex Bialowieza melodies for weakened or damaged hair - it is useless mask with a disgusting smell.

Shampoo Horsepower Horse Force - a rough shapmpun

It is terrible! Confuses the hair, no effect of the softness, the sharp smell. The manufacturer claims that the shampoo

Shampoo Schauma grenades - lousy!

I do not know how other people, but I have after using this shampoo dandruff appears, and no sense of cleanliness of

Nourishing balm CLEAR VITA ABE hair thick and strong

Nourishing balm CLEAR VITA ABE called hair thick and strong is not true. My hair after it unpleasant, sleek. And like a

Hair dye Londa

Hair dye Londa decided to take my mom. It attracted not so special color mixing technology in the paint, as the fact

Shampoo Natuderm Botanics (Naytederm Botanix) "Ginkgo and wild honey" to add volume - not like it!

Shampoo Natuderm Botanics (Naytederm Botanix) "Ginkgo and wild honey" to add volume - a German cosmetics. I

Anapskaâ white clay

Anapskaâ white clay bought for only $ 36. I used it as a mask for scalp. Prescription packaging, wide clay up to the

Hair gel TAFT Looks - excellent!

This hair gel just wonderful. After him, there is no itching, and he puts his hair just fine, and most importantly, the

Baby shampoo-conditioner "quack-quack" of the LLC "Piranha" - the hair silky and obedient

Not long ago bought this shampoo for his son. Opened, sniffed, and turned as if in their own childhood. The same sweet

Philips the best trimmer ever

I have been using this trimmer for last 5 months and I am very satisfied with the superior built. Every inch of hair

Mask for Hair Fructis Instant melting mask "Recovery and shine" - works!

The mask came to me and my hair on the soul. First, it is not difficult to apply, no need for a long time to keep her

Shampoo Avon Naturals Herbal "Nettle and Burdock" Nourishing liked.

Shampoo Avon Naturals Herbal "Nettle and Burdock" nutrient for the sample taken. Liked it. It perfectly

Yes! To ... - Not cheap, but high-quality hair cosmetics

Well, why I write "Hair," although there is also a body, arms, legs, etc., because the hair was optimal.

Shampoo Natura Siberica-good result.

For those who have the nature of the thinning and dry hair shampoo Natura Siberica must necessarily enjoy it. It not

Mousse-care for all hair types, "Volumetric and brilliant" (Oriflame) - gave me quite

Mousse is really very good. In general, I prefer not to take money "for all types of hair," but this product

Greek cosmetics

Month, use a dry shampoo "Eriteya" Greek cosmetics. A very good thing, I recommend. Brusochek little shampoo,

CONCEPT Serum for hair for split ends

This is a unique serum to care for split ends from the series of professional CONCEPT. I bought on the advice of

Hairspray from Schwarzkopf taft I am very fit.

To fix the hairstyle I use hairspray taft from Schwarzkopf. I am very pleased with this varnish. With his use of hair

Little fairy-spray, for combing the hair "scratching Easy" - we liked.

My niece does not like combing and so my sister bought for her hair spray "Easy combing." With this spray

Hair will become stronger and objectee!!

Azumi became my 4 buying on the Internet, this time not disappointed nor delivery, nor the product, nor price. The

Shampoo-Cream "Kefir" by Company "Bielita"-is not even bad.

I have never used a cream shampoo, and now seeing this in the store yet decided to buy it for yourself. From the

Sweet Professional

Наконец-то пришла моя новинка комплекс кератинового выпрямления Lovely от Sweet Professional . Первый “ блин” был совсем

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