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5 16.11.2015

Cool ointment

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Ointment eucalyptus from Tissa I, as a mother, always have in the medicine Cabinet at the first sign of disease in children smear the place where it hurts, usually by such methods, the prevention of disease can avoid serious forms and any complications.

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LUGOL sore throat

During angina by prescription bought the spray for the throat LUGOL. After the first use not felt facilitating effect,

Balsam "Gorhon" from the Corporation Siberian Health - malodeystvenny.

Balm "Gorhon" from the Siberian Healthcare Corporation, despite its promises, does not help. My veins are

Allergy drops Finist

Our pediatrician advised me to buy a drop Finist to prevent allergy to a vaccine. But we have started to use them

Antifungal medicine "Nitrofungin" Galena does not cure

My fungus on toenail. The doctor advised me to "Nitrofungin." I rubbed them for a long time, because it is a

Useless product

The drug has long been known, is usually made a local pharmacies. Preparation based on silver ions, which is designed

Pharma Science pills do not help.

My child is strongly swayed in the car, if the trip lasts more than an hour, nausea and vomiting, we provided. I also

Iodine is an asset

Endocrinologist gave me this tool. Took the drug in accordance with the instructions, two tablets a day during meals,

Ointment Acyclovir-Farmak

Faced with this trouble, like herpes. The doctor advised Acyclovir-Farmak. Of course the price of the drug is very

Stomatidin with strong dye

Children have rinsed the stomatidinom mouth and vyplevyvali to the bathroom. I washed off immediately, but the acrylic

Dryness of the feet from AVON cream

Bought a cream for feet from AVON, as after the summer the skin on the legs slightly coarse, but nevertheless the feet

Aerosol throat Ингалипт Binnopharm

In winter I often sore throat, and go see the doctor not enough time because of work, so treat yourself. Recently

Useless medicine Aflubin

The most useless in the world of medicine. If you read the instructions on the pharmacological properties shows that it

Ointment against herpes Gebauer

Ointment against herpes Gebauer bought repeatedly, as often the rash on lips. Earlier though was a little drying

ASPARKAM table. N50 Corporation Arterium, Galichfarm

To improve cardiac activity the doctor prescribed her Asparkam. The pharmacy bought ASPARKAM table. N50 production

Aflubin = water.

Drops Aflubin first time we appointed our local doctor, when my daughter first got sick. We have taken this complex

The drug "Essentiale Forte" helps to restore the liver

Preparation "Essentiale Forte" prescribed for the restoration of the liver. For serious diseases, drinking it

Gerbion with ivy helps with the terrible cough

With gerbion with ivy I met recently and I am so glad to meet you) This means you have to keep in the home medicine

Effective remedy for mastitis

One day I noticed that his chest started to ache. At first did not attach importance to, but then the pain intensified.

To avoid colds helped me Citovir-3.

Recently found out about Citovir, he is widely known, a lot of reviews on it. And found out about it last winter,

A good remedy for dry cough

Sasha took my husband, he's sick at home can not, a busy man. Cough wet he drank it. Home-boy I took the bottle of

Laktovit fort from "Milli Healthcare Limited", UK - help required

Used to recover from a tummy son. Did very well and most importantly quickly, as children's body fluid loss from

A good tool

I liked pills Sage from the Natur Produkt, bought when the throat tickle the beginning, the tablets should dissolve.

отличное средство от герпеса

Я не очень доверяю всякой «химии», предпочитаю лечиться народными средствами. Вот и от герпеса долгое время спасалась с

Anginal Vitamin C Dr. Müller Pharma Czech Republic - coughing bout.

Cough - it is bad. Bad and the fact that it is very difficult to cure. Anginal with vitamin C, as the name implies,

"Smecta" - and no problems with my stomach!

In my opinion, "Smecta" is by far one of the best medicines for the stomach. I try to only take the drug. And

Cream and tablets "Mastofit" from "Evalar" - the fight against mastopathy on the highest level!

Those women who are faced with mastopathy, know what kind of disease. Discomfort, pain, and even crying. Reliable means


I have often trouble sleeping, and my nerves are shot, too, not seldom, so I decided to drink a sedative, but was

Good tool. We were helped.

Only recently he was prescribed a course. Son is now 1,5 years, problems with sleep started in the year. To bed not to

Bodyaga cosmetics! Use as a mask!

In any pharmacy you can buy concoctions! I did not try to use it for its intended purpose, but as a mask I really like

Bioparox - spray from coughing, helps fine.

Bioparox helps me, always enjoyed it, even when fed her son breast. The result is noticeable immediately, the throat is

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