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5 26.08.2015

Limaland really helps

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Did not expect that the pills I was prescribed by a doctor from the tides will really help. If in the spring I was trying to hide his condition, often tried to be in the fresh air, and the tides were still tolerable, and short bursts, then in the heat of summer - just started hell. I was uncomfortable, I thought that the doctor gave me a dirty look, but I knew that I not the only one, so to the doctor, everything went well. She gave me limaland, and said I did the right thing coming, and didn't suffer in silence. In the first 2 days was prescribed to drink 3 tablets of clymenia and subsequently take 2, reducing the dose to 1 tablet a day. Changes in the intensity of the tides began on day 2, and after 6 days they disappeared altogether. I this effect did not expect. Limaland really helps.

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