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Club Zone FM Voronezh - Review

-5 14.02.2014

Club FM Zone in Voronezh

  • on map 51.684887 39.183899 15

Somehow in the next Friday,decided to go somewhere with friends,razveyatsya last time we in Voronezh has a lot of entertainment,where you can have a good time,but for some reason chose Zone FM.Уже at the entrance,at the sight of half-drunk security,we had to turn around and go to another place,but warmed up with whisky legs,incurred in this "wonderful" zavedenie located inside a building of the former Palace of culture,which is entourage there appropriate,a La the 70s of the last century,невидивший repairs with the same vremenno stop talking,let's get down to specifics))wasny bar,counterfeit alcohol
Very rude staff
Thiazine toilets
Beanie redneck GOP company
So sorry FM Zone in you I more or foot and do not advise anyone to repeat my experience of visiting this wonderful institution.

Tags: Pulse, zone FM, zone fm, cattle, club

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