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The company Siberian window in Magnitogorsk - Review

-5 27.11.2012

The company "Siberian window" in Magnitogorsk

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In the city of Magnitogorsk, there is a firm Siberian window, and everyone put a plastic box, I do not recommend it to handle, because: 1. lack of professional installers (I worked 2 people, put the usual plastic window, almost 4 hours, while in the other room is a window of another company delivered 1.5 hours) 2. zamerschik also not distinguished professionalism Checkout box 10 centimeters longer than necessary, and therefore the installation lit a dirt when crush concrete to make a normal down ... 3. did not install all the hardware storekeepers allegedly improperly collected it, had to wait until the next day that it was brought and placed 4. from the photo it is clear that the slopes are made crooked naturally demanded change, and this is the time ... Oh no, and I know who to blame, but the fact that the firm is not a single person who properly belongs to pile work had the impression

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