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PurifyHydra Conditioner - Moisturizing conditioner - Review

5 24.10.2016

Air conditioner perfectly restores and conditions hair

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All was then postponed, and finally got to write my opinion and review about one of the means to care for their hair, about hydrating conditioner Purify Hydra Conditioner brand KAARAL.
Start with the fact that KAARAL belong to the category of professional cosmetics, Italian quality, reasonable price for each, in its also use. First tried this conditioner in the salon after a haircut and body care procedures, the final step was washing. Then the impressions of this conditioner I have the most positive. The effect was such that hair was smooth, incredibly soft, peculiar left my hair porosity, it has a very pleasant almond scent that mixed with the hair smells incredible. Do not buy this, I just couldn't, especially as later found out , it can be a daily basis. It's been over half a year, I use only them, and I can say that the air conditioner moisturizes, chamomile soothes and moisturizes the scalp and the hair itself, the composition without the content of silicones, does not clog the hair cuticle, it perfectly restores and cares for the hair, I recommend to all girls with normal to dry hair type.

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