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Candy Conti Milkolad - Review

5 26.06.2012

Candy Milkolad by Conti - cheap, sweet and delicious

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My children are very fond of sweets in any form of bars or sweets in the form of truffles, usually in the form of daisies. Candy by Conti Milkolad they liked from the first, because in their favorite condensed milk, watered with fondant and chocolate. Just a childhood dream!

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I bought it as his son-chocolate. Knowing about the quality of the product, did not suspect that he was not tasty.

Candy Roshen "mad bee" should not get involved!

Sweets are good because they have a nice shell, quickly eaten! So much so, that I want to eat it all at once. But do

Cake "Fairytale" of the company Khlebprom

Not pleased at all. How can I make a cake for 80% consisting of the cream? In this case the cream is more like putty.

Biscuits Biscuits ROSHEN "Multi-cake" too crumbly.

ROSHEN Biscuits Biscuits "Multi-cake" almost everything was in a pack halves, it is very gentle, very cookie

Candy Akkond wonderful bird-disappointing.

When I was buying candy Akkond wonderful bird, did not think that so disappointed. Sweets were not tasty pigeon's

Picnic Chocolate with walnuts (Novgorod Region, Inc. "Dirol Kedberri") - Picnic with rancid nuts

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Oatmeal cookies with no sugar TM "AVK" (AVC, Inc.) - did not like it

I decided to try an oatmeal cookies without sugar, because it is useful and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals,

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The taste of this cake is not even able to properly identify, although the flavor is quite pleasant, it was too hard

Chocolate Alpen Gold Blueberry and yoghurt 90g. - Too much chemistry.

The solid chemistry. It's not even chocolate, but about filling I generally keep quiet, no yogurt, no blueberries

Candies Nesquik delicious, but cloyingly sweet.

Candies Nesquik - chocolate, with milk filling and air-rice, a sweet, strong in filling milk, but the rice tasty and

Dried Raisins on the "TD-holding" is too small and the seeds.

I bought a magnet raisins dried on "TD-holding." I did not like raisins. Cloyingly sweet, it's very small

Bar "Nesquik" - it's better to eat a chocolate bar ...

I do not know about others, but it seems to me that all products "Nesquik" was much worse than a few years

Waffles Sweet Chocolate Factory, Saratov contain virtually no nuts.

Sweet Biscuits Saratov confectionery contain virtually no nuts. Although the label and logo, we can say that there are

Sunflower halva "wish", LLC "Nectar" with nuts melts in your mouth

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Waffle cake "Mamulin Cake" with chocolate TM "Conti" (Conti, Ltd. PO) - amazingly delicious

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Waffle Cake "Chocolate Castle" (with hazelnuts), TM "Roshen" - delicious

One perfect balance on special wafers, cream and hazelnuts, the taste is quite interesting, and this despite the fact

Cookies FINE FOOD "Butter Cookies" DANISH ORIGIN - inimitably

Such a pleasant taste and aroma of interest has not yet met a cookie I really enjoyed it, from the original packaging,

Candy, "Mary" - delicious

In the market yesterday, got candy Maria Taganrog factory. I note that the excellent taste, inside the nut and raisins.

Candy "Bird wonderful" KF "Akkond" Cheboksary - true

Most of these candies are similar to the present "Bird's milk", that's it like when you were. Taste

Cereals Paw "Care" fortified producer of "Vitba" very much like me and u

Breakfast cereals fortified Paw "Care" manufacturer "Vitebsk Confectionary Factory" Vitba

Жвачка Love is...

Многие из нас застали эти трогательные девяностые, когда каждый из нас рубился в Денди, имел Тамагочи и покупал себе жва

Chocolate with raisins "Milka" from the company "Suchard" - is a treat not only for children.

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Raffaello candies from FERRERO - a divine taste.

Sweets to the divine taste. These tasty candy I ate. These soft, tender, melt in your mouth. Bliss! They stand just a

Candy "Golden Lily" from AVEC - delicious!

These candies first time I tried half a year ago and immediately fell in love with them. Chocolates with condensed milk

Candy Von Baron (CF «SlaSti», Togliatti) - similar to Snickers

It I liked, well-roasted nuts, to the extent of viscous, moderately sweet, like a small chocolate bar Snickers. Sweets

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