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Designer Lego Fire truck - a bright and interesting toys - Review

4 16.01.2012

Designer Lego Fire truck - a bright and interesting toys

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My son has a collection of all sorts of Lego structures. And for him there is no better gift than this constructor. It collects the first model presented in the instructions to the constructor, and then it picks up the irrepressible wave of creativity and imagination, and he starts to do things out of those little details that just takes your breath away. This machine like him because of the bright parts and because the ladder extends and looks on his shelf, it is remarkable.

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Наш первый подарок на Новый 2017 год уже пришел сыну

Незадолго до нового года нам пришла посылка от крестных родителей нашего мальчика. Чем они хотели удивить нас в этом год

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