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Cosmetics UNICORNO - Review

-3 22.02.2014

Cosmetics UNICORNO distrust

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The other day made a mistake and purchased a set of body care UNICORNO, includes body lotion, shower gel, aftershave, toilet water, hand cream. These kits are sold in large shopping complexes, in the promotions at cheap prices. The entire set of Beauty cosmetics me cost $ 2500. Well advertised all products, smeared handle creams, chose the place of toilet water. First impression was great, but after a while began to notice a strange smell especially from hand cream and body lotion...Odor coming a little musty, as though cream UNICORNO 10 years. By the way expiration date I have not found themselves tubes (and the box had already wasted). Alarmed and that the inscriptions on the tube quickly began to fade. Their health and condition of the skin is more important than all the money, decided to get rid of cosmetics Beauty cosmetics UNICORNO. I recommend not to buy cosmetics of this production. Take care of your youth

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