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Hand cream velvet handles - Review

1 02.12.2019

Hand cream

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I love the cream, very well softens the skin. Take the top 5 under the room I like it. Fatty after his hands do not remain, as the cream is well absorbed. For the past few years, only buy this cream. Hands are very dried in the winter, and he helps me

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Body Lotion Dove "Summer Glow" from the "Unilever Germany" is very good.

I am very pleased that bought this lotion because it first, smells good, and secondly making the skin soft and smooth,

Men's Soap "Nord" from Oriflame Code 15543 - please!

Very tasty, nice soap. Unusual and refreshing. Good foam. And very clean. Contains a security complex and menthol. The

Body Lotion Milk & Honey from Oriflame gives the body soft

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Male Energy Shampoo and Body 2-in-one "North" from Oriflame - the smell of freshness

of given her husband a shampoo for hair and body, she did not even expecting that he is also so beautifully reveals the

Liquid cream-soap Assorty (of "first decision") - a very nice soap

It is a liquid cream soap, and like all the flavor, and its effect on the skin (do not hurt one little bit), and low

Foam Bath for girls Avon "Ella Ballerina" very much.

Bubble bath for girls Avon "Ella Ballerina" like to add when bathing my girls. It is an excellent foam, you

Deodorant - deodorant Nivea Angel star Hot Crush 100ml - gentle but reliable protection

Makeup Nivea know and respect a long time, she has always admired for their quality. Now I use deodorant Angel star, I

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Lush - natural products from the manufacturer, soaps, shampoos, balms, oils, and more

have long enjoyed the means of firm Lush, like "bomb" bath soap, solid shampoo, is rescued in time for the

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