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Cover bidet SATO DB400 - Review

1 14.01.2016

Cover bidet SATO DB400

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Good morning! Oh, how I was surprised by the price cap bidet SATO DB400, almost 28,000 rubles, but the wife insisted on purchasing it.She met a girlfriend's house and was amazed at the capabilities of this product. To refuse is not wanted here and decided to purchase. It was not that expensive and even a lot cheaper than it should be, given the scope of this cover bidet. I'll just list some and you will understand what I mean,
heated seat with temperature control, antibacterial seat cover and nozzles, intelligent energy-saving mode, system automatic nozzle cleaning before and after each use, the mode of cleansing enemas and most importantly the five year warranty, in one word excellent purchase, I was very pleased, therefore, decided to Express his opinion here and recommend you cover bidet SATO DB400. Good luck and happy New year to you!!!

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