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Hairspray the Plot - Review

-5 18.08.2013

Hairspray Plot " "

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Bought a child's Hairspray with glitter " Plot shining Rainbow multi " from " Sibiar ". Gathered hair in an updo, nabryzgali a varnish, and hair was hanging wet like icicles and glitter in her hair remained and shed their clothes. I personally didn't like the varnish, this, bought another, more expensive.

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Acquired hairspray Wellaflex (Vellafleks) for many reasons, he promised to be super-strong fixing, and even odorless.

Hairspray Charm Professional - not professional at all.

Luck "Charm" I did not like either one. First, it is applied to large and noticeable drops sprayed badly.

Hairspray Wellaflex (Vellafleks) super-strong fixation on the contrary, odorless very sickly and smelly

I use hairspray Wellaflex (Vellafleks) super-strong fixation and odorless. Rarely use, and go out on the balcony,

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My wife is a hairdresser, he comes home soon hear a lot of criticism for various hairdressing fitness. In particular,

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Wonderful hair spray

Personal styling (a quick creative styling), the most brilliant polish, according to my sister, he sometimes even use

Shadow Bourjois - a long stick, do not roll down, shine and look beautiful

Shadow Bourjois - this is my favorite shade, because they look great, and does not cause me allergies. Furthermore,

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