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Laminate hair Lombok - Review

-5 14.05.2014

Laminate hair Lombok

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Laminate hair Lombok colorless I ordered from Korean site, ads he was super, wrote that the effect is simply amazing, hair become beautiful, smooth and shiny. This effect is not at all from it, even just a little hair has not improved. The volume of each batch of 500 ml, in a single package contains the balm, the second laminate, they need to connect the 1:1, and apply to hair for 1 hour, I even did under foil, warmed up by stylero, but no effect. Do not buy this laminate is a waste of money.

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Очень довольна средствами для ухода за волосами бренда "КуафёрЪ". Мое знакомство с этой продукцией произошло не случайно

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