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Лана Керамика - Review

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Roofing "Bioline Cascade" from the firm, "biologist" - never buy!

This metalocherepitsey covered the house two years ago. Claimed the life of 50 years. But the following summer in the

Heavy-duty packages melochi zhizni

Heavy-duty packages "melochi zhizni" for construction debris, where I bought two sets of very bad, it only remains for

Bad glue DEN Braven

I had to repair glue trim to the door frame. For this purpose, liquid nails bought from the firm DEN Braven (Holland).

Sniezka Шпаклевочная масса Акрил-Путц (acrylic plaster)

For the PuTTY gipsokartonovogo ceiling špaklevočnuû purchased a ton of Sniezka Acrylic-Putz (Acryl-Putz). Water mass di

Onduline roofing sheet (brown) (Poland)

covered the roof of his private house Onduline. After five years of operation, all of the sheets is very faded. If you

The HP work ill FINISH with PuTTY

To align the wall surface were advised to use the plaster FINISH of HP špaklëvku branded KNAUF. Oh and namučilis′ with t

Primer deep penetration "Primus" TM Primus, LLC - almost water

I bought a primer of deep penetration "Primus" TM Primus, LLC. Very disappointed in this solution, priming

Light-resistant mineral wool IMET odor

Wall country house warm this mineral wool, and the top batten sheathed. After some time, came to the country and going

Sanitary silicone FORMULA-1 bad

Completed home remodeling the bathroom. When the work was finished, it's time to seal the bathtub. For this purpose,

Ceramic units Braer did not like.

When building a house used ceramic units from the Braer. Very fiddly construction material, with the tabs located on

Adhesive for ceramic tile " Tim "

Tim No. 31, STANDARD Adhesive for ceramic tiles from OOO " " bought technology and materials for

Cement LTD. " StrojTorgServis " not seizes

Cement brand " StrojTorgServis " gray m-500 does not set, poured like sand and absolutely had to

Cemented Eunice Horizon substandard

Cemented Eunice Horizon - used for leveling the floor in the bathroom. 25 kg bag is 270rubley, very cheap! Promised on

Clay Master Klein (Master Klein) is not easy to use.

To fix the foam ceiling moldings chosen purpose adhesive Klein Master (Master Klein). It appeared to him not as easy to

Enamel paint "zebra" the end does not justify embedded costs.

This year in the country had to paint the entire wooden gazebo. Long thought to what paint to choose? I wish it were

Ceiling cornice from foam - find differences

For a long time, I do not use the process of repair of the plaster ceiling cornices. Eaves foam is easier to install,

Рольставни - Дорхан

Заказывали Рольставни - Дорхан понравилось качество,большой ассортимент продукции.Будем обращаться еще. сайт http://roll

ООО «Лана Керамика»

Интернет-магазин ЛанаКерамика – это лучший ассортимент керамической плитки и керамогранита с крупнейшего склада в России

Стальная оцинкованная обрешетка SteelFrame

Заказывал проект и отделку фасада своего дачного дома в местной фирме. Предложили на выбор пару вариантов с расчетом. Я

Self Handwer - excellent quality

Did a ceiling made of drywall screws and bought Handwer. Very pleased with them. They are sharp and solid. Cut the

Бюджетный клей для плитки «Строймомент»

Покупался клей в пачке по 25 кг, добавлю фото упаковки, ведь клей хороший, можно и для ремонта кухни применять, и для са

glued beam

Satisfied with the company by manufacture and construction of houses made of glued brusna

Teksaund 70 reviews

My review was not casual 70 teksaund, bought on the secondary market of the two bedroom apartment. For the first time

Glass (Czech Republic), "The World of Glass" (Karaganda) - quality products

It was necessary to make a stained glass window (like draw our art studio with a taste). Been looking for in an


This summer was built at the cottage prefab shed, utility block here on these boards

panels RPG

To be honest, about your house dreamed of for a long time. But realized the dream only in the last two years. The only

French ceiling - very nice

I host in the corridor made a false French ceiling. It looks very nice. The glossy surface reflects light from the

There is a choice and guarantee

Roof of galvanised recede into the past, and very well. Looks like this mess of the wild, paint it peeling off quickly.

Construction glue "Moment. Rugged" - a good glue!

This glue I was offered the chance to use! Now, none of the construction in my house is complete without this great

Free Erismann

Finish interior trim doma.Nedavno very serious question was the choice of wallpaper, looking principally

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