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Retisol against acne. - Review

5 29.04.2019

Treat pimples with ramasola.

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There are many pimples, especially a lot of them and they appear for the first time in adolescence. In this vulnerable age acne really affect self-esteem. My daughter they also appeared complexes, therefore, began to use funds from acne. Such means very much, but not all of them are effective. And to get rid of acne daughter helped pharmacy drug Retisol. This tool is an oily yellowish liquid that contains isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is recognized by dermatologists as the most effective tool in the treatment of acne, as it affects all major stages of the development of the disease. On clean skin, the daughter applied the solution with a cotton pad twice a day. It lasted about a month. I want to note that retisol you can begin to apply with for 11 years, and duration of treatment may be up to 12 weeks. But the daughter was cured not only from acne but also get rid of Shine.

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