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Ретасол против акне. - Review

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Galstena (Galstena) does not help

I have chronic pancreatitis, and have spent many years trying to cope with my illness. The doctor prescribed the drug

Cough syrup Ambrobene

That would get rid of the cough I am on 3 times a day for a whole week had syrup Ambrobene. But the syrup did not help

The spray from a sore throat and sore throat "Stopangin"

I often have a sore throat, last time when I asked the doctor, he gave me a spray "Stopangin". Used strictly according

Tablets Afobazole

Recently I got an nervousness. The pharmacy recommended tablets Afobazole. Immediately began to take in, and the

Heartburn remedy Rennie from "Bayer" does not help.

When I was pregnant, suffered from heartburn, your doctor has prescribed this drug. What did not drink, never helped or

Ointment Kapsikam - horrible ointment.

My husband pulled back on the job, we were advised at the pharmacy Kapsikam ointment. On arrival home, I immediately

Enterosorbent " Filtrum-STI

Enterosorbent " Filtrum-STI simply disgusting. Small children to prescribe the impossible. Baby im horrible gagging.

Fucidin cream from LEO limited Ireland

Husband has rash on back acne, he smeared the cream Fucidin from pimples, and I have to say he is not practically

The cream is for external use Mycospor

When I got a nail fungus, dermatologist wrote to smear it with cream for external use of Mycospor. Did everything

Digestive remedy Mezim

Povelas′ in advertising and bought a digestive remedy Mezim, which should improve etching. But here's my drug caused d

The efficacy of Duphaston (Duphaston) from "Abbott Biologicals BV" while maintaining the pregnancy is questionable

Recommendation by doctors medication Duphaston (Duphaston) from "Abbott Biologicals BV" justified only for


The drug Зинерит" recommended for acne, acne. But if you have a tendency to dry skin, use of the drug is unbearable! Ver

Erespal cough syrup

Unfortunately we had to get acquainted with such a horrible cough syrup as Erespal. The thing is that he has strong

Ointment Lioton not treat varicose veins

Recently, very often suffer from swollen legs related to varicose veins. Decided to buy a widely advertised ointment

Drops "Beres plus" by Beres - no effect

The doctor wrote a prescription for this drug, she said that my weakness will pass, and I feel energized. Nothing that

Folic acid is a useful and tasty medicine for pregnant women.

During the pregnancy I have a sweet forbidden. It rescued folic acid tablets. First, they need to drink the first three

The "star" from childhood, only in liquid form

Remember the "star" from the childhood, well, she repeatedly used and bought this balm is in solid form, but seeing the

Доступный и эффективный

В этом году, решила немного сэкономить и купить не самый дорогой гепатопротектор для лечения гепатита. Остановилась на ф

Baby drops in the nose "Nazivin", Merck, Germany - without harm to children from 1 year.

The daughter of a cold flying washing the nose, and before bed and before the garden drip drops in the nose

Salvagin helped quickly!

I want to share my experience, maybe someone the same as me at the time, looking for the answer to the question of how

Maze Company "Green Dubrava" Keeper is indispensable for the treatment of small skin lesions.

Maze Company "Green Dubrava" The Guardian got in our first aid kit two months ago. During this time, fully

Panthenol Spray safely treats skin damage.

Panthenol Spray apply for a long time. This means that stimulate skin regeneration. It helps very good for burns or


Gerbion plantain syrup company KRKA-saving dry cough, makes life easier when cold.

Candles Clotrimazole - reliable and cost-effective remedy for yeast infection

During pregnancy, I was tortured thrush, I treated it almost every week, and doctors prescribed the most expensive

Спасли при потере голоса

После новогодних праздников осталась без голоса, в горле ощущалось першение, сухость. В аптеке приобрела пастилки Исла М

Turpentine ointment - a proven tool in the fight with a cold.

When to treat colds and of itself, and the child prmmenyaem turpentine ointment - great heats and helps fight disease.

Найтвелл – препарат для нормализации и качества сна.

Долгое время сон вообще для меня был проблемой, потом в аптеке купила себе западную новинку Найтвелл. Как говорится бесс

Gel Aktivert helped to conceive (review)

We have a problem with conception until recently, was particularly acute. 2 years never had a chance. before the new

Cough syrup "Gerbion" from KRKA - cough was two days

excellent natural herbal remedy for cough syrup was "Gerbion" from KRKA. I have recently just to rest. I

Эффективные и недорогие

Мне Цитромон очень хорошо помогает при головной боли. Всегда держу в своей аптечке. Он незаменим. И цена хорошая.

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