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Ретасол против акне. - Review

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On duty often work at the computer. And, of course, very tired eyes. To avoid this, sometimes I use eye drops. Usually

Neurorubine, solution for injection, ТEVA.

After hospitalization, the doctor has appointed Neurorubine intramuscularly, after the fourth injection, the nurse was

Diclofenac Gel-Health Ultra 5% Pharmaceutical Company Ltd "Health" - no lasting effect

Diclofenac Gel from an ultra-Health Pharmaceutical Company Ltd "Health" has applied for the treatment of the

Pharmacy network 911 in Kharkov - more than all

In Kharkov many different pharmacy chains, but the pharmacy 911, were particularly expensive drugs. Although they have

Capsules antiarrhythmics Ritmokor (RHYTHMOCOR), producer of "FarKoS" - after the course - treating the digestive system

Capsules antiarrhythmics Ritmokor (RHYTHMOCOR), producer of "FarKoS" - a medicine, which he said "one

Spray Aricept

I do not recommend to buy this spray. During lactation, the beginning of a very sore throat, it was hard to swallow,

maltofer, low hemoglobin

Found my daughter low hemoglobin was 98, your doctor has prescribed drink per month maltofer. After reception of drops

Nazofan-a cure for allergies

My son is allergic rhinitis. And treating ENT prescribed him spray NAZOFAN, that would remove the stuffiness in the

Psilo balm did not help

My child atopic dermatitis. Have tried a lot of methods in order to facilitate the child's condition. Very concerned

OTIZOL ear drops

Ear drops OTIZOL našumu appointed child Ent. But it is impossible to drip medicine-dropper it ensues. Bad medicine, but

pill "lyudiomil"

Prescription pills "lyudiomil." I looked for them at pharmacies - not found! Asked his son, he ordered online

Cefutil tablet, p/captured. Obol., 250 mg №10 Pharma international

Spring became very ill, the doctor diagnosed acute bronchitis and prescribed a drug Cefutil. At the pharmacy I bought

The drug Plantex of colic in the tummy is not effective.

In order to combat colic in the child during the Soviet period were sold in pharmacies vodichka dill. It cost a penny.

Canderm-BG cream does not cure

At the initial stage fungal infections, your doctor has prescribed cream Canderm-BG 10 g, manufacturer Vaishali

Tablets DEBITING from Teva

Tablets DEBITING from a pharmaceutical company Teva were I purchased on the recommendation of the doctor in connection

экстракт жидкий для приема внутрь

Знаю, что проблема простатита очень распространенная, мужчины эту не поднимают, так что напишу о ней я. Муж у меня от пр

Pactum prescribed by a doctor

My mom after removal hemorrhoids Pactum prescribed by a doctor-proctologist. She was very pleased with this medication.

Children's Panadol from GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals SA is well knocks the heat in the cold.

When my daughter was prescribed Panadol cold and bought a tool for the treatment of colds and flu GlaxoSmithKline

Linex. Good help to cope with even grudnichka dysbiosis!

Moms with young children will understand me, what is a serious problem, dysbiosis in babies? Gave half of her baby

An ointment for cold Dr. Mom helps with cold symptoms.

An ointment for cold Dr. Mom very helpful for all forms colds. We use this ointment for many years. There are essential

Ointment just super

About ointment with eucalyptus oil from Dr. Tissa I learned from a good friend. Many times she told me that often buys

Прекрасное средство

У меня была ситуация, когда хочешь прокашляться, а не можешь. Ловишь губами воздух, как рыба - не помогает, приступ за п

Foot Cream by Avon Callus.

Foot Cream by Avon Callus bought on the advice of a friend. I do not know, does the cream of the calluses, corns but he

Ointment "Betasalik", OAO "Kyivmedpreparat", Ukraine - quickly removes the aggravation of psoriasis.

I have psoriasis for a long time. Many that have tried to treat. I'm more suited creams and ointments. I like very

Antiviral drug Kagocel helps.

Kagocel taking antiviral drug by prescription. Help was on a really effective. Course of a small. It took me just one

Масло с браслетом Дыши – наше средство для профилактики

Доброе время суток, читательницы сайта! Для начала надо сказать, что у нас вся семья – все поклонники продуктов от Акви

Aspirin Company PPO Novosibirsk - a non-standard way to use

Aspirin all drink to reduce the heat, but also apply it to foot baths. Dissolve two tablets in the tank, drop the legs

Sublingual tablets "apilaka" from "Grindex" - great help in reducing the lactation

More on the first months of breast-feeding a baby was sometimes noticed that the milk is very bad is coming, as well as

Tablets "Tamipul" will help you quickly overcome the pain!

Recently discovered tablets "Tamipul", and it became for me a real salvation during the period. The fact is

Alferon good antiviral agent

Very good antiviral agent. When you receive directly at the first signs of the disease puts on his feet within one to

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