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Shampoo Naphtaderm - Review

5 02.01.2020

Treats oily scalp and dandruff

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I want to share my discovery with shampoo Naphtaderm. My hair became problematic long ago, the dandruff and the oiliness of the hair haunted. The head had to be washed every morning, otherwise, not only untidy, but the scalp is itching terribly. Dandruff for greasy hair stuck together in crust looked awful( Read online that this problem struggling Sebo-regulating shampoo. Ask the pharmacy to recommend me this, offered to take naphtaderm. Shampoo is not cheap, I must say, I gave him 850р, but I was assured that it is very effective. To use it we must know, therefore, quick results I really expected. About 2 weeks after I started using it, the effect was already noticeable. The hair is in its pure form was held not to PM, and much longer, I began to wash my hair every other day. Dandruff, too, became smaller, skin is clearer, and the itching stopped bothering. The course I have finished until the end of a month and a half soap naphtaderm head 2 times a week. Just one bottle for me at this time and was enough because my hair is short and a lot of shampoo I do not need. Now I wash every 3rd day and still look decent) About the dandruff, I forgot. Give this shampoo a solid five)

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