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Ручной молокоотсос Ardo Amaryll - Review

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The leash for the safety of the child "World of Childhood" - an unnecessary thing

I gave a girlfriend, because she did not come, or rather the child does not want to go with him. In use is not simple -

Outdoor swing Tako HPU

The christening my baby gave the floor swings Tako HPU with table Polka, which at first sight seemed very useful, but

Conditioner for baby clothes Ladoga.

Wanted to give the children's underwear and tenderness svezhest.Kupili conditioner for baby clothes Ladoga.

SOAP for kids clothes, Maxim

As the American share has decided to buy at a discounted price for the washing of children's linen " Maxim

Mosquito repellant Mosquitall

The small child mosquitoes swarm as honey. To protect your baby, I bought a mosquito repellant Mosquitall, but it was

Laundry SOAP DURU baby

Decided to change the laundry soap for washing children's clothes and bought commercial DURU baby. And so sorry,

Rattle Tolo Toys "Hourglass" - Very heavy and rattles!

Gave us a rattle Tolo Toys "Hourglass." Rattles are for babies under one year, and it weighs so much that its

Игрушка-машинка "Тачка" Toys

Toy machine " Pimp " Toys broke down on the first day-it just came off the wheel! My husband fixed to

The Camera doesn't hold heat container.

Container for bottles "Camera" of company "Torilen" almost doesn't hold heat. Bought it in the summer, when the baby

Breast Canpol Premium bad is expressing.

After birth, the baby did not want to breastfeed, and he had to buy a breast pump. Husband in the pharmacy advised

Philips-Avent "Isis" manual breast pump with a storage system - sorry I bought

breast pump was satisfied only the first time, until he spun and well-pumped milk. Then he seems to have blabbed the

Soft toy Ball, Tigres

Soft toy Ball, Tigres is not suitable for young children-the fabric from which made ball-this bag, it sticks all the

E-ABC " Try "

My son got an alphabet " Try ". I hung it on the wall and getting even not paying attention, the

Children should be children

I just hate it when kids start to behave like adults (not all of course). Corrected to make the remark, spoken without

Pads on the corners of furniture from children, "World of Childhood" does not stand on corners

These pads should protect the child from the impact of the sharp edge of the furniture. Fasten them to the double sided

Primark tights

Naslyšana of affordable, high-quality children's clothing of the Irish firm Primark. In England there is a shop

Touchable Babbles bursting bubbles is not an unusual pastime for children.

Touchable Babbles were not bursting bubbles in the present. I never thought that these are. They are normal size, looks

Ручной молокоотсос Ardo Amaryll маленький, да удаленький.

Когда моему малышу исполнилось три месяца, то у меня возникла необходимость отлучаться из дома на 5-6 часов. С няней воп

Everything was 5 stars!

We have a daughter born called Princess) And no wonder — our Princess's favorite color is pink. So when she saw on the w

Toy for these boys :)

If your little man is interested in the adult world, and especially with your dad's tools, the First workshop Playskool

Children's soap powder

Use children's soap powder Our Mom since the birth of the child. My mother insisted that I did not buy any powder, even

Puzzle mat-Lee Chuyn "Wild Animals" - A good rug!

Puzzle mat-Lee Chuyn "Wild animals" I really like. It is soft to the touch and quality. All the animals

Magnetic Designer Bornimago

Designer Magnetic Bornimago - very original toys for children and adults. Can be used as a constructor and a puzzle. It

Lock the fridge Chicco-indispensable thing.

When he grew older and began to reach the refrigerator handle, had to quickly buy a lock for the refrigerator. This is

Best infrared thermometer. Will be a good gift for the birth of kids

I since the childhood afraid of mercury thermometers. I still remember how my mom scared us that break it down very

Слова благодарности

Хочу поблагодарить этих творческих ребят. Заказывали обслуживать День рождение дочери. Выбрали категорию. Выбрали дату.

Finger Paint Finger Paint - Children's fun!

Yesterday, gouache painting, found great interest in drawing from his year-old daughter. I bought her finger paints.

Wonderful toy!

This is our second family. The first was a hedgehog, and now bought another and enotiko. They, in my opinion, very

Наклейка-ростомер " " DesignStickers Лесной

I bought my daughter a sticker-stadiometer " Forest " TM DesignStickers, looks very bright and

Instead of wallpaper with a lamp phosphor.

My child is afraid of the dark, and it happens that I forget to include a night light, and often have to hear the cries

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