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Leroy Merlin and construction hypermarket in Moscow - Review

-3 17.04.2012

Leroy Merlin and construction hypermarket in Moscow

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Leroy Merlin construction hypermarket in Moscow, where many people buy building materials. We too often we visit there. That should be something to give, then repairs and so on. So decided to make the repairs in the living room, bought the materials. It remains to take tile (would beat the original corner stone, but it does not matter). So, choose tiles, price tags on the stand for hanging everywhere 299r for tile 30x30 cm For the angle we needed 35 squares of 30x30. They took breaks at the box office and speak with you 12215rub. 299h35 = 10 465. Accordingly, the trial began on the account, we were confident that the price tag was 299, but came back we saw the price tag on the same tile 349r. So, if these problems occur and you are sure that the price tag was as a punch on the other, then run run there where I got the goods, take pictures, this price tag in the presence of the administrator and the department will be able to pick up the goods at a price which is specified on the price list. On the whole store is very good, pity that they spoil the reputation of such actions

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