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Speak UP - English language school - Review

5 14.03.2017

Liked the school

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A good school where give a guarantee on what you will learn English and if at the beginning of this are rather skeptical, in the process of learning start to believe it. At least I had that, I took very seriously the fact that give a written guarantee, and when I started to learn when I saw it on your example, the result, then realized that Yes, people know what I'm saying and it's not just for beauty said.
Teach really well and I even after taking the course, now raised the level of English is very noticeable. In fact ,when I started to learn, my level of knowledge has been 1 year of high school, knew a few words that they know everything. And from this level I raised to the level where I can read and speak some. I never thought I'd achieve this so quickly. A big thank you to the teachers.
And I was particularly pleased, I attended classes combining them with work and not a hindrance. Honestly, I thought that classes will throw due to the fact that it is not convenient to combine. But things were simpler in terms of attendance and in terms of the training. Found approach and gave all clear to me form. The school is great. Suggest her.

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