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Logical Pyramid Square from the Wunderkind - for early child development - Review

5 01.07.2012

Logical Pyramid "Square" from the "Wunderkind" - for early child development

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Development of their children, I do constantly. In my opinion, no matter what the age of the child, the main thing - the desire to engage with him. Fortunately now there are a lot of techniques for and utility of toys and tools to help your child grow and develop. I really like the logical pyramid "Square" from the "Wunderkind." This pyramid, unlike many others has more than one axis, and just nine pins. Elements of the pyramid are the same in form, but you have to string them on the pins of different lengths. This is a fairly easy task, because if you do not predict the order, then nothing happens. I bought it for his eldest son, when he was four years old. But now that pyramid adds to the pleasure and his brother three years. Thanks to such toys are developing logic and perseverance, which is very useful for children in the future.

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