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Средство для чистки ванной комнаты Лондикс - Review

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Whitening gel Onyx Sea freshness

Mild action whitening gel Onyx Sea freshness remained absolutely dissatisfied. This liquid bleach was not concentrated

Decorative stickers "Best Price" - not quality.

My mother bought a home decorative stickers "Best Price". She chose a very beautiful picture, I asked them to

Утюг Tefal ultraglis

Iron Tefal ultraglis gave me a husband to one of the holidays and I could not get the gift. But a month later the iron

Bleach TM «Chirton» without chlorine, 75g - Do not bleach

Bleach «Chirton» brought it to his list of cleaning products on which the result is not obtained. Buy bleach without c

Silicone baking dish from TM «REGENT» - sheer frustration

Previously had no business with the pastries, but at some point I realized that the real owner simply must know how to

" Cinderella " with antimol′nym effect

Over time lose their carpeting freshness, deeply impregnated with dust and some inevitably there are stains. To clean

Pan Zepter - ecstasy did not cause

Casserole looks pretty normal. Sverhotlichitelnym design does not stand out. In using the easy to use. I try to wash it

Frying Pan "BIOL" ceramic coated "Classic-Ceram" - heavy

The main advantage of this pan - it almost did not stick, so clean it is a pleasure. But for me personally it is too

Salad bowls with lid Series Chef's - incapacious

Acquired salatnichki are mainly due to the fact that in the salad bowl you can put something very convenient cover, but

COMET scouring powder

COMET scouring powder double effect has a very unpleasant odor. Volatile powder, so you should use it with caution.

GALA cleaning powder lemon

Cleaning powder is used for cleansing lemon GALA very contaminated surfaces. However, it is best to cope with a dusting

Gel Wash TM "Stork" Cashmere 950g - has an unpleasant smell

does not matter how well washed this gel stuff, but its smell all the spoils. The aroma from this gel is not the best,

Brush shoe Salton

I love suede shoes, despite the fact that it requires special care and special equipment. But thanks to them, and you

Cream-color shoe Vilo

Cream-color shoe Vilo not add shine shoes falls unevenly (clouds) and paints a very bad problem areas of the shoe. I do

Pipe tool Mr. muscle

Looking for a good tool to clean the discharge pipe. In a statement to "Mr. muscle" (manufacturer-LLC "SC

Wall Clock "Dragon" from DidiArt (Ukraine) - is such a joy

I saw this an hour and I really liked it, watch as the dragon - very symbolic, because the coming year is a dragon.

Kaufmann hanger for clothes, metal with a black slip cover - practical

First doubts about whether to acquire a metal coat hanger, she took for her husband to hang clothes. Hanger was quite

Cream cleaning Cif Aktive Lemon from "Unilever" 500ml - a powerful tool

Buy this cleaning cream exclusively for cleaning the stove, but he copes with burnt grease and other contaminants and

Classified TM "Fackelmann" with metal handle - comfortable to use

What do I like this board, so this is what it is made of wood, and not from the downed wood shavings, even if it is

Mat on suckers "Shells" Lilaz (Turkey) does not slip on wet floor.

Bought in the bathroom rug on suckers "Shells" Lilaz (Turkey). Suckers are large (1 cm diameter) enough of

Air freshener «Aromania» - a wonderful aroma, spray a reliable engine!

For the past few months I have been using air fresheners «Aromania». These air fresheners (a range of «Aromania» has sev

Washing powder Sano Maxima Sensetive - quite pleased with the result

Powder Maxima discovered not long ago and the result I was pleased, and now I will take it in more often. Washes even

Gel Antimol of "Raid" Cedar-a great tool that really helps.

The house appeared mol, which is "eaten up" a few sweaters. I had to immediately run out and buy tools from

Cube cleaning toilet Chirton "Alpine Morning" - Excellent tool!

Bricks Cleaning toilet Chirton "Alpine morning" very comfortable! I throw a brick into the tank for a week

Corkscrew TM "Apollo" Pascal stainless steel - Easy to use

I liked it a spin once, bought it and have not regretted, print bottle of wine with no problem, it is easy to use, even

Lighter gas Wisen WB-5 - Easy Lighter!

Lighter gas Wisen WB-5 is very convenient. Her nose bent at any angle. The case is quite light and strong, lighter gas

Napkin "Amscan" Happy Birthday Balloons 33 cm 16 pieces - table decoration

long time thinking how you can diversify the holiday table, and when I saw these wipes in store, bought them without

Dishes SANUSY-Austria-durable and practical

kettle bought 10 years ago. All the pans have a double bottom, which is very convenient. The set includes four pots of

Table 19 service items "RAK GLASS" "Reflections"

The service is very good. In my understanding, service - all the best gift any woman. But it is also rather big. I

The powder white binatek – allergenic, with him I again started to bleach things

Bleaching of clothes since childhood I have associated a large bucket, which is boiled on the stove. So it was in

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