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Carrot mask Hendel''s Garden Carrot mask - Review

5 29.12.2014

The best mask for oily skin

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Carrot mask Hendel''s Garden came to me 3 months ago. The mask has nasovetovala friend. About the brand I was not known, trusted her reviews and results.
My skin is sensitive, inflammation appear for any reason, wrong cream, if poorly washed away the makeup, if I'd eaten something wrong. A constant problem was the black dots. If inflammation was disturbed a couple of times per month, the black points with me always.
Fighting them with a clay mask (in vain), peels (not help) and that's the carrot mask works best.
The point is not only lighter, but with regular use of the mask, the pores are not clogged, and remain clean.
From all that I tried, carrot mask is best suited with black dots. By the way, and inflammation dries, if a mask to apply it on the pimples and leave overnight.

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