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ISLA MINT pastilles - Review

5 10.05.2017

Better for a sore throat no pharmacies

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Tried lozenges for the first time last winter, when had a sore throat during angina. They are soft, when they begin to dissolve, this time easing a sore throat, alleviating inflammation, it becomes easier to breathe and speak. After taking becomes much easier, the effect lasts for several hours, but less if you drink hot herbal drinks. Therefore it is better to take the Isla after hot tea. The most delicious Isla mint, although the rest is also delicious, but I prefer these. They are all no sugar, which is more useful than drugstore candy. Useful for throat, voice, manual even advises when the air is dry, probably because after they mouth like wet. Very vkusney and useful. Suggest to take to prevent at the first signs of a cold or when you are already sick to recover faster and to better tolerate cold.

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