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Инфракрасный термометр Sensitec NF - 3101 - Review

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Stroller Baby Design Bunny - Small

Of all the strollers have chosen this beautiful and easy to use, but bought it when the kid still has not been, it

Детская посудка " Галинка "

Bought a child on the Internet set posudki of Ukrainian production " Galinka ". Too bad that the

Winx children's nail polish - terrible quality.

I bought my niece a gift Nail Winx. To be honest now ashamed of the gift. First, it smells awful, and secondly, we long

chain with a clip for dummies "Darling" from the Lindo (Lindo) - is dangerous for children

buy at the pharmacy with a comb and a brush of the same company. This product is very low quality: the whole chain,

Umbrella Strollers Chicco Multiway

Chicco Multiway stroller barely got baby turned six months, it was our first stroller. And in my experience is not the

Prams X-Lander X1

Prams X-Lander X1 use the second year. In the first six months of use in wheelchairs no longer rubber cap from the

Designer Brick Combat Zones Tanks

Designer Brick series Combat Zones Tanks - a complete disappointment. The design of the tank is not well thought. The

Universal Stroller Jane Rider - overpriced

Most heart is not universal and not multisezonnaya. When the winter snow - it is not possible to drive, front wheel

Hill with stairs Starplast10984 - low bumpers

This slide has been acquired by clubbing parents for nursery groups of kindergarten. Impressions are not very positive:

School Book Company "Polygraphist" - continuous torture

Notebooks made at the JSC "Polygraphist" "drank" quite a few of my vital juices of the child as

Children's soft soccer ball Fisher-Price

Bought the child on the day of the birth of children's soft soccer ball Fisher-Price. First child was interesting, yet

Children's designer Junik " Yuni-"

Children's designer " Yuni-" from the manufacturer " Junik " bought her three

Modelling mass Rik Rok & crumbles

My son got a lot for sculpting Rik Rok &. Opened a new jar, removed the protective film, and mass recalls cheap

Trolley with handle "Polesie"

On the day of his daughter gave a colorful trolley with handle and sand sets of Belarusian company "Polesie".

Car Seat Driver SP Nania - short seat belts

Car Seat Driver SP Nania, says the manufacturer, is designed for children up to four years. We have recently turned

Games washing machine PLAYGO-oboldennaya toy.

Last week was my goddaughter's birthday, I have been looking for a gift, but in the end, she decided to give the

Cot-riding Hauck Dream `N` Play - durable and easy to use

Bought bed-riding Hauck Dream `N` Play two months ago, the child was 8 months. Do not use as a bed - just like riding.

Remote-controlled model "of Helicopter Gyro-109" - take, you will not regret

5 models of helicopters went through before. This is the best. The stability of flight absolute control chic. Charge

Designer LEGO Ninjago "Ambush" - The dream of every boy!

My nephew even designers like "LEGO", because they are the best! This designer piece is 71 and 2 minifigurki.

Wax Crayons Crayola Jumbo Crayons for the kids-perfect for any age.

Recently, my son came to visit godmother to his son and brought many presents (since she lives far away and come often,

Washing baby bottles Lavena Baby "Hedgehog" nezmenimaya thing!

I noticed that the bottle should always be washed, not just rinsed. Therefore, for these purposes has acquired a

My favorite toy - a car-scooter!

Always seek to please the parents of their children's new toy, but very often is a baby toy is only for a while,

Bike Smart Trike DX Sport 3 in 1 - there is no limit baby joy

Summer kalyasochki instead bought the kid a children's mini-velosipedik, so he does not he just slazit, it has

Finger paints Olli "Zhuzhiki" - Bright and not harmful!

Finger Paint Olli "Zhuzhiki" - This is a great and bright water-based paints. All of them are very bright and

Envelope Heitmann Felle Eisbarchen Small - saw and fell in love

I saw a children's envelope and just in love with him, I think to get her baby. I'm sure the baby will be

Cradle-bouncer Tiny Love 3 in 1 - Easy

This cradle is rescued us at the time when the baby was very small. Lyulechka very convenient for baby and parents, it

Baby stroller Bertoni Sun - a good stroller

stroller Bertoni Sun bought as a backup stroller stroller for the summer, it was very handy, small in size, and quite

Roller skates Fila Combo 3 set G - good and useful gift baby.

Gave our crumbs for 5 years skates Fila Combo 3 set G. Satisfied with the gift and we docha. Very easy and convenient

Stroller Stokke Xplory

This is a great stroller from those that I have ever seen or roll. Has not been able to choose a stroller for my

Envelope is made of sheepskin Teutonia Lambskin Footmuff - a very tepid

Good warm envelope, the kid in it is convenient, and most importantly do not freeze, sheepskin envelope protects even

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