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Maxilac - Review

5 07.08.2017

The best of beneficial bacteria.

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Maxilac I was prescribed this year for the first time with antibiotic treatment. Sore throat is my number one problem, and no summer is complete without it. But after this treatment there were always consequences in the form of dysbiosis, which was accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. This time, I broke down and complained of such unpleasant consequences of treatment, he prescribed me maxilac. The first thing that surprised me is one capsule a day, I thought that the doctor was wrong, and I specifically asked, but it turned out that everything is correct. The whole course of maxilla was ten days. In the chemist I sent my husband, because with a temperature of forty particularly for the pharmacies will not run. My husband brought a pack of these capsules, in the box was a blister pack of ten capsules and instruction. For me, accustomed to ingest probiotics zmenami a month, one time per day was wildness. There were doubts about the effectiveness of these capsules. But the results of treatment can already tell that all fears were unfounded. At this time, no dysbiosis has not happened.Although sick with a temperature equal to the street it was very hard, no consequences arose. The result of the treatment I liked, so I decided to share my experience of caps maxilac. Despite its cost, the ten-day course of treatment cost less than conventional treatment, cheaper probiotics.

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