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Ополаскиватель для полости рта Дента Баланс - Review

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Cuticle oil with lavender nail experts from AVON

To improve the state of the cuticle, I purchased AVON cuticle oil with lavender nail experts. Oil I applied 3 times a

Toothpaste Drakosha

Bought child preventive toothpaste Dragon. On the tube that is safe if swallowed, I povelas′ by this inscription, b

Toothpaste Sanino-inefficient!

Recently bought a try toothpaste whitening Gentle Chamomile Sanino, the production of Turkey. Manufacturer, of course,

Toothpaste Glister deteriorated

For a long time used toothpaste Glister Amway (Amway Glister). Liked the quality. But the latter acquired a tube of

Phyto Expert after shave lotion

Bought a second time. The first time was with Aloe Vera-better lotion could not find. But now the horrible

Pupa Lasting Color quickly erased

Bought some nail Polish Pupa Lasting Color. Quickly had dried on the nails, but it was enough to wash my hands a couple

Hand cream Garnier Intensive care nutrition with allantoin for very dry skin - removes dryness

Bought a hand Cream Intensive care nutrition with allantoin for very dry skin from Garnier specifically to use them in

Nail Zinger Regular-lousy results.

I did not paint the nails with nail polish Zinger Regular. When applying the paint immediately flowed unevenly

Крем Foot Salvation oriflame

Foot Salvation cream oriflame softens even the zagrubevšuû skin heels-so the manufacturer promises, but no cream is e

Mascara Faberlic ARCHITECT (Faberlik Architect) waterproof mascara (waterproof) - just without the eyes did not stay!

I have very sensitive eyes and skin, without any ink suitable. Ordered once FABERLIC Mascara Faberlic ARCHITECT

Natural lotion Taiga Bio Antimoskit

The spring-summer season always is famous for mosquitoes and other moškaroj, which delivers a lot of hassle to children

Nail polish remover Dr. Nail (Dr. Neil) does not remove the nail polish

I bought a nail polish remover Dr. Nail (Dr. Neil), as written, it does not contain acetone. It smells like acetone,

Deodorant - antiperspirat Lady Speed ​​Stick fresh clouds - smells bad and does not perform its function!

Deodorant - antiperspirat Lady Speed ​​Stick fresh clouds - smells bad and does not perform its function! Succumbed and

Cotton pads, I'm the not the best cotton pads.

I bought these cotton pads, once I saw ads on TV. Price is acceptable, but I did not like the quality. They are very

Mouthwash Colgate Plax Sensitive teeth 250 ml - helps the poor

In terms of refreshing mouth rinse Colgate Plax is not bad, but chose it especially for sensitive teeth, so a little

Lucky Yoko

Laki this company are good, like the texture. Here are just a part of them is different. Lucky one composition better

Wipes Kleenex

I like very, lately buy only those napkins! Smell nice, suitable for sensitive skin, do not cause allergies. A stack of

Colored set for shellac

The company set-for-shellac.Russia found necessary product at a reasonable price. To order called by phone 8 495

Tool for removing varnish Oriflame Beauty Nail Polish Remover - Quickly wash off paint!

A tool for removing varnish Oriflame Beauty Nail Polish Remover I like it. It does not contain acetone and easily

It is nicer notebooks to Oriflame!

A couple of days ago, gave a familiar notebook from Oriflame. So cool! They have two types, light green and purple. I

Yves Rocher (France) - very high quality cosmetics

A few years regularly use cosmetics Yves Rocher. Creams, shampoos, conditioners, color cosmetics fragrances - all

Foot Cream Company Vitex - a cream that helps your heel.

My mum is constantly agonized with the rough skin on heels. Helped a professional pedicure. And then one day I bought

Cosmetics "Mirra Lux" (Russia) - If the value for money.

A few years ago bought a cream for the feet, "Mirra Lux" was worth it is not cheap, but quality was up to

Emollient "Gentle Care" with the aroma of chocolate (Tender Care Chocolate) Oriflame-a very good tool.

In winter, for their pens and lips, which strongly expose to the wind, I buy a special emollient "Gentle

The basis under the nail of the Yves Rocher for the smoothness of the nail is the result of better.

In order to facilitate the application of varnish to make the end result is much better, I began to use a lacquer based

Cococare Cocoa Butter 100% Cocoa Butter The Yellow Stick-excellent.

I've heard and read reviews about Cococare Cocoa butter 100% Cocoa Butter The Yellow Stick. Feedback both positive

The tool (spray) to accelerate the drying nail polish from AVON - really helps

It is often a means of helping out when there is no time for drying the nails. Indeed, a minute after using nail polish

Moisturizing and nourishing oil for the nails and cuticles with Nubar cucumber extract - an excellent result.

Butter Nail and Cuticle Nubar excellent means to me, it really helps. The skin becomes soft and tender. The appearance

ROCS rinse with grapefruit flavor and mint (for mouth) - not bad.

Recently, I decided to pay more attention to the oral cavity and therefore bought rinse the mouth with flavors of

Toothpaste ROCS "Sakura" not cheap, but effective.

Toothpaste ROCS Sakura sold complete with a toothbrush. As they say, 2 to 1. Well, the price corresponding to not

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