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Shop Svyaznoy, Krasnodar - Review

-1 15.07.2012


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I ran into different lyudmi.No, wherever felt the market principle, people behaved greedily and arrogantly besprintsipno.Naprimer, My daughter is 29 June 2012. inside the "Messenger" Str. Budyonny 242 (mag036) bought the phone samsung Omnia I8350, houses found weaknesses: bluetooth not working, is not determined by a computer, there is no flash support, has not been granted the certificate on the sale, software beta version of 2010 (Tel No. 2012), there is no software supplied with the phone and, most importantly does not match emey bodies on the box and a label and a 2-chip phone numbers in the phone software bolshe.Prilozheniya are not registered you need a computer and credit card for registration. On this and other sellers in the purchase was not reported. 30 June 2012 asked about the cancellation of the contract of sale, but faced with a complete lack of understanding by staff, which for a 4-hour could not solve the problem saying that phone is good, but we did not want to fix the problem. Do not buy the product!

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