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Shop 1000, and a shoe to the Commandant, etc. St. Petersburg - a small room and unfriendly sales - Review

-2 15.05.2012

Shop "1000, and a shoe" to the Commandant, etc. (St. Petersburg) - a small room and unfriendly sales

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baby began to walk, and we decided to buy his first street shoes. Many moms are advised to shop "in 1000 and one shoe." We went to the closest to our house. I can say that the choice is large enough, but that's a very small room (we were on Saturday, many with strollers) - we were measuring in general in the hallway and very unwelcoming salespeople. There were many, stood in a row, but when I asked for help, I was told that a lot of people, and you can choose. The next time you are not too lazy and go to another store.

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