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Shop Enter The Messenger - Review

-5 06.09.2012 | 06 September 2012 at 17:50

Shop Enter (The Messenger)

That's my husband and I decided to buy this TV in store credit. Shop in our city novelty, a newly opened service quality should be excellent. And that's not! Apply for a loan to finance specialist Vladislav. We have chosen the model home and went for a specific purpose, he said through an electronic catalog of models available in stock and place an order for a loan to us approved. But suddenly it turned out that the TV is not on stock! In e. catalog is just simply forgot to write! Before us not apologize, did not explain, but simply asked to return the documents to the credit, broke and removed the application from the bank (as explained). Well, we are not evil people, let's say we take a different model, extended a loan. But for some reason this loan we were denied by the bank, although the amount was much smaller and arrange the loan with the same bank that perzhde! Again, no one has explained, and even said "Goodbye!" Persoonal plays with toys and picks his nose, to the customers do not care, for which they only get paid! Well, is this service? Not another step in the Enter! And I would like to add: for a loan and not removed. If we did not check, call the bank, they could and forced to pay money for a product that does not exist!

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