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Shop Foxtrot very expensive. - Review

-3 17.12.2012

Shop "Foxtrot" very expensive.

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As that recently my wife and I decided to buy some of the appliances, and began to look for, where to do so would be best in terms of price and quality. Since the stores that retailers are now many techniques, we have begun to choose the best option. Wife came across the store flyer "Foxtrot", which carried out the action "The second item to check for half the price." Since we thought we buy two products like this option and we went to the store itself. But it turned out that not every product in the second check may be off, which was not mentioned in the booklet, the choice of products to be within the action was not quite great, and we kept trying to consultants "Provisional Government" products are not subject to the action. We were offered an additional safeguard, we have given, but it is still made in the price, as it turned out. We still bought it, they wanted a discount on the second item in the check by 50%. But as it turned out in other stores are the same products much cheaper and you can go out and buy those same money without action or order online. Since then, we compare the cost of certain goods in the "Foxtrot" and in other stores - the difference is palpable, it is stable in other stores for a few hundred hryvnia cheaper. That we "bought" in action is our fault, but the prices can be a little lower. The next time we buy equipment on the Internet and do not regret what you want.

Tags: retail., foxtrot, household appliances

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