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Хороший магазин с большим ассортиментом электротранспорта - Review

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Backpack Dakine Heli PRO for climbers - not much of a Pro!

This model is a backpack designed for the convenience of carrying cargo in a fairly decent amount, in the alpine

Simulator Torneo Amulet B-515 okazlsya useless, anyway I go to a fitness club.

Long asked my husband to buy me a bike. He tried to dissuade me, saying that the exercise bike to lose weight I do not

Inefficiency ministeppera Torneo Vega S-111

Simulator to be used for the whole family. Small aerobic exercise would not hurt anyone. There was one problem that

mountain bike "LionSheart" eventually becomes rigid.

Long ride on a mountain bike "LionSheart" with sports shock absorbers, but lately it has become disillusioned

sled "ChervonStal" not intended to be a large mass.

Found in the attic sled "ChervonStal" decided to ride on them, but the weight of old age is not so small and

British backpack F2R - spin too tired

Not too long to fit the transitions as the straps under pressure, as they are not regulated, and sometimes even rubbing

tent "GeoTR +" is not very easy to assemble.

Not easy was in assembling the tent "GeoTR +" I bought one of the sports goods stores, there are no clear

tourist tent "OpenAir3" can not be used in the rain!

I bought myself a tourist tent "OpenAir3" It is very easily assembled and disassembled, except that when

soccer ball ReeBok month was an oval ...

I bought recently, soccer ball ReeBok month to play with him on the field, and he began conducting in one direction

Bike Ukrainian production "Stork" assembled at random!

Bought my son a bike Ukrainian production "Stork" middle wheels, but sadly he broke the fourth day of skiing,

Logs for kindling - we grow from a nation of helpless idiots?

I saw for sale recently Poleshko for kindling (or approximately so called). Price for the little sticks in a hundred

boxing glove "EvroNes W" is too small.

It was not comfortable boxing glove "EvroNes W" that I gave at the srevnovaniyah, they are strongly squeezed

Dance mat Stepmania China - even in Africa, China.

Stepmania - a dance karaoke. Plugging pad to the computer and repeat the movement on the arrows on the screen. Should

Goggles Aqua Sphere EAGLE with clear lenses - pass water, otlamalos mount.

Always go to the pool on that decided to buy a good expensive glasses, that would say so for long enough. I decided to

Bike Stels Navigator 500 - a bad bike.

It's not like a bike Stels Navigator 500. I bought my wife two months, skated, and gave his niece. Transmission,

Picnic Set for Xiamen Good Foreva-perfect set.

After purchasing a set for a picnic with your family, we have often chosen to nature. Now you do not have to remember

mountain bike "AlpinaG" will remember his youth.

Decided to recall his youth, and bought a mountain bike "AlpinaG" wide wheels with big, very much like shock

Carpal Trainer Powerball Neon Signature - is that we have

At first I thought a toy, but after I learned how to use and dispersed during the first day to 10 770 rpm, I realized

Bradex ball for fitness from Suzhou Ever Import and Export Co. Ltd - a very useful

High School ball, non-slip surface is perfectly clean, besides, completely safe, does not rupture and explode. I like

Roller Skates "BugTor" very quiet, and not difficult to learn to ride them.

I found on the balcony of the old roller skates "BugTor" put and approached, he decided to ride after a few

Pants from Major League

Urgently needed pants for snowboarding, went to look for, and found in the Premier League with a 50% discount.

Intex inflatable pool Easy Set Pool - for the whole family

This basin has many advantages, it is big and in hot weather it can fit the whole family, but as a necessity disappears

Use the machine Leg Magic and already showing results!

Great power simulator for practicing at home. I found and bought it online at a very low price. When comparing the

sporting rifle "FunActive" does not overheat.

Acquired a sporting rifle "FunActive" enjoy its high rate of fire, the barrel will not overheat so that the

Giant Boulder Bike 3 - a good bike.

He took a Giant Boulder 3, as his first bike, after an ancient Stork. Just bought the bike computer, and mud flaps. The

Мечты сбываются, велосипеды Xiaomi появляются!

Как только увидела акцию в магазине Giroskutershop , тут же позвонила мужу и обрадовала его. Мы давно планировали купить

Sports bag from the Nike brand is strong and beautiful.

Women's sports bag from Nike brand went perfectly the color of a sports suit. Bag a bright orange color with

The mat sports, "Make the body" - a great rug for sports.

For sports bought the carpet "make the body." It is very convenient, comfortable and pleasant to deal with. A

tent "ForestW" met our expectations.

I want to go to the sea for a long time but did not want to pay for housing, decided to buy a tent "ForestW"

Hand Expander "Barrel" - My Choice

long sought something like that. Hand Expander "Barrel" allows us to give the wrists and fingers is really a

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