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Хороший магазин с большим ассортиментом электротранспорта - Review

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An inflatable mattress Intex Royal Blue is made of defective material

I named this one-time mattress, because it is inexpensive and grabs him for 1-2 days. Bought just before going in the

Carpal trainer, with a counter Powerball Neon Green Pro - all good, but ..

Carpal trainer, with a counter Powerball Neon Green Pro a great gift for all ages. Was pleased with not only talented,

Bag Bicycle Longus Bent QR wet

What nonsense - "waterproof." Put like that rolls back (my mother used to bake), but without the bag. And

Bike Stels Navigator 500 - for the money money could be better in

bicycle was purchased for my son. That's it boy learned to skate. During training the whole bike was covered with

British backpack F2R - spin too tired

Not too long to fit the transitions as the straps under pressure, as they are not regulated, and sometimes even rubbing

Bike Ukrainian production "Stork" assembled at random!

Bought my son a bike Ukrainian production "Stork" middle wheels, but sadly he broke the fourth day of skiing,

Liquid mosquito Picnic reeks

summer acquired from mosquitoes Picnic liquid in the bottle, which is inserted into the fumigator. and acts like a

boxing glove "EvroNes W" is too small.

It was not comfortable boxing glove "EvroNes W" that I gave at the srevnovaniyah, they are strongly squeezed

Tamra Tent 2 spot - lousy!

In the past year, I ran into this tent, which is the same quality. Particularly weak is supplied fasteners that do not

Belt-muscle stimulator "Ab Tronic X2" - money down the drain

Belt-muscle stimulator "Ab Tronic X2" did not like. Firstly there is no clear-cut instructions in Russian,

Cardio Twister Stepper simulator, which is not suitable for people who have never engaged in sports.

I bought one Cardio Twister Stepper simulator which saw on TV advertising, in fact, he was much more than I thought,

Folding BBQ BA-2100F does not like

In the first he was very heavy, good only if you go on vacation car. Secondly - is not stable, and the third, spits on

Snowboard "SnowTime" oblez quickly, and was without paint coating.

Acquired snowboarding "SnowTime" with a very colorful rasskraskoy body, but after a few trips to the mountain

tent "UseTwo" expected for three, and only two fit.

Often traveled with friends to the nature of our company began to grow, we had to buy a more spacious tent

The simulator mini-stepper "MaxSpringer" often breaks

Frankly, this model is not durable. Since the I can only deal with at home, and I have little place, had to buy this

Sports bag from the Nike brand is strong and beautiful.

Women's sports bag from Nike brand went perfectly the color of a sports suit. Bag a bright orange color with

Tent King Camp Travel three spacious, comfortable and waterproof

All lovers of hiking recommend. If desired, the tent can fit, and 5 people. The tent is easy to install and just as

Dumbbells for aerobic vinyl by FOREMAN-my favorite.

I love going to the gym, but of course it turns out it is not often, so I bought a vinyl dumbbells FOREMAN. I love to

Mirror 30x50 Binoculars Yukon - a great assistant to the tourist.

I like hiking hard to do without binoculars. Last year bought a mirror 30x50 Binoculars Yukon and still can not get

Balls Tennis Dunlop Tour Brilliance 3B. For connoisseurs and professionals

Who is or was engaged in tennis, he will understand me. Balls Dunlop Tour Brilliance 3B excellent quality and play with

Bike "CartForce" well behaved on non flat road.

I love the bike behaves as a "CartForce" on the road with a flat surface is not very well trigger shock,

The boat "Poliester100" is very easy to inflate.

I want to go fishing but there was no boat, bought the cheapest in the store hunting, "Poliester100" and

Simulator HouseFit DH-8171 replaces a gym

Long was going to buy power simulator, looking through the various options and decided finally. Ordered online store

tent "HeroOne" well protected from rain and wind.

Do not forget to buy a tent "HeroOne" before the trip to the woods with a group, because camping is not

Mike Reebok EasyTone-shirt is my best!

After birth, decided to have her figure, became active in sports. My husband gave me a T-shirt Reebok EasyTone. At

velosied "Merida Sport" a great help in maintaining the shape.

Daly just ride velosiede "Merida Sport" with the lubrication system components! This I tell you something!

A set of badminton Vicfun - quality and affordable

Kids love to play badminton, I myself always play when there is time for this. We bought a new season new rackets and

Children's bicycle Stels Dolphin 16, but very much like an adult.

Children's bicycle Stels Dolphin 16 chosen in the store, as the bright, beautiful and it looks like an adult. A

Chest Expander "Regal", in the decompression - happy

Chest Expander "Regal" liked, well-coached arm muscles, especially when used with expanders "Multi

Chest Expander from the Torneo - useful for men

husband, looking at my efforts and small achievements in sports, too, decided to adjust its shape. I bought a sports

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