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Clothing Store in Magnitogorsk surprised Ostin quality tailoring - Review

-4 22.09.2011

Clothing Store in Magnitogorsk surprised Ostin quality tailoring

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Search jacket for the autumn. Everywhere is not even wrong. I went to Austin, not hanging jacket, but a dream. Grabbed as many as two (of the same size in different colors), mentally count up there will be enough in cash to buy immediately. First dress and I understand that on the hanger, it is clearly better sat than me. Well, it is the same - not my style. However, what surprised - buttons and slots are located under a completely different level to the. Nearly 3,000 more buttons and alter? Out of curiosity, tried on, and the second - the same story. Both jackets with protruding threads, buttons sewn on crooked, and the material appeared near the more like a lining, rather than the fabric of clothing.

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