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Mask for hair with KAARAL. - Review

5 23.08.2016

Mask with bee Royal jelly Kaaral Royal Jelly Cream.

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All kind time of day! Today my review is devoted to the cream-mask for hair Kaaral - reconstructing mask with bee Royal jelly Royal jelly cream. A little about my hair: painted with henna for almost 10 years. Hair is a beautiful copper shade, but dry on the ends constantly split. Throw don't want to paint, any paint could not obtain a tone so tried, of course, at home to care for them is to moisturize and nourish. Long-lasting and stable results could not be achieved. Not so long ago, I decided to go to trim the ends of your hair, and at the same time to ask the masters what I can do to my hair. She asked me what I usually my head and I use any additional skin-care products, such as masks. And advised reconstructing mask with bee Royal jelly Royal jelly cream. Washed my head and put the mask on your hair, after a few minutes, washed and dried the head. When ran a hand through his hair, even could not believe it was my hair. So soft they have never been. I was more asking the hairdresser what this means. She showed and told me about this cream mask for the hair. As it turned out, mark KAARAL is a line of hair care, especially among the professional Italian cosmetics for hair most-most. Cosmetic exclusive, not cheap, but for this effect that I see on your hair no money is not sorry, to be honest. The mask is designed to restore, nourish and moisturize hair. Contains over 150 active ingredients are amino acids, proteins, multivitamin complex etc.) the effect of the application, of course, pleased. After visiting the salon came as a girl from the commercials. Apparently, the miracles of bee Royal jelly in the composition. I was very your hair after this mask hair well-combed, shiny, silky, manageable, not electrified, not heavier. Came home googled and searched where it is possible to purchase for home care. Found a few shops of professional cosmetics and went to buy. Additionally bought the shampoo and conditioner. Mask from KAARAL take 1 once a week - your hair and keep it for about 5 minutes, the result is simply momentary. I think any girl such care will not disappoint..

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