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Oil Bubchen - Review

-2 03.07.2013

Oil for babies Bubchen

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Bought nephew oil for babies Bubchen, it was recommended to apply for massage our child's doctor. Oil has a neutral smell convenient bottle, which is a compact size. In this, perhaps, for me all the pluses end. Oil before applying checked it myself, so as not to smear child everything they got. Redness and itching, it is absolutely useless. Has not so cheap, just to stand and dust.

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Oil for babies Bübchen

Products for child care, I choose very carefully, read forums, check with your doctor and friends mom. Heard about the

BUBCHEN (Bubchen) shampoo and bath foam Jungle Fever (Jungle Fever) 200 ml for children - watery, uneconomical

BUBCHEN (Bubchen) shampoo and bath foam Jungle Fever (Jungle Fever) did not impress a good tool for bathing baby.

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As an advertisement, in the hospital, we have to try the cream for babies Bubchen. We have tried and we do not like.

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BUBCHEN wipes, rough skin of the child.

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Oil for newborns TM «Bubchen» (Bubchen) - Leaves marks on clothes!

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Baby Shampoo Baby Shampoo from Bubchen - it contains less of the chemical elements

specially went and looked for a shampoo that would have been no well-known sulfate, because the quality of commonly

Baby Care German company Bubchen.

Excellent German quality cosmetics now. Cream for diaper use from birth - did not know any problems. Shampoo still buy

Shampoo «Bubchen» children to wash your hair with chamomile extract - gentle care

Buy your baby a gentle baby shampoo, it cleans well head, carefully cleans and it does not cause dryness of the scalp,

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Bubchen two-phase lotion for bathing

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Children's Body Lotion Johnson & Johnson 24 hour moisturizing - great body lotion.

Body Lotion by Johnson & Johnson is very good, I like it. The quality of his excellent, enough to pack for a long

Washing powder "Eared nannies" from OAO "Neva Cosmetics» washes well.

Even before giving birth on the advice of a friend bought a children's laundry detergent "Eared nannies"

Japanese diapers MOONY

I have a small child. At first, these diapers bought my husband when we returned from the hospital the child, now we

Our baby shampoo no tears - the review is very positive

Today I will talk about two in one Sanosan pure+sensitive for bathing babies with sensitive skin. He planned to write

Aspirator to clear the nose "ChuChu" - Necessary thing!

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Soft foam bath Faberlic Caramel for Kids - Good foam!

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