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Ointment Theraflu Brough - Review

5 30.06.2012

Ointment "cold remedy Bro" from "Novartis Consumer Health" - helping the child with a wet cough

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Unfortunately, the cold can be caught even in summer. We children went to rest on the lake where they swam all day in a row. As a result - a son was ill. First, a fever, then cough began. In order to do something to help a child, I bought the ointment "cold remedy Bro" from "Novartis Consumer Health". I did not think that the cream could be so effective expectorant, but, really, cough became progressively less and less. The main thing is that her son liked this simple method of treatment, there is no need to take the bitter medicine. Failed to recover completely in just three days, which I think is just a record period!

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