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Мазь Видестим и ее свойства. - Review

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Children Nurofen does not work

When her son first vaccinated, the doctor said to buy children's Nurofen as possible reaction - fever. It was - in

Fervex with vitamin C

Felt bad, he showed the first symptoms of the disease, ran to the pharmacy, bought Fervex with vitamin C, which cures

Eye drops "Chloramphenicol"

Seeing a strong reddening of the eyes, went to the doctor, the doctor prescribed drops chloramphenicol, drip 2 drops 3

Cough syrup "Erespal" - does not help!

Cough syrup "Erespal" attributed to the child in a children's clinic. After application of this drug had

The mukaltin, cough medicine, ARTERIUM

The sea daughter was cold, started coughing, the pharmacy was advised to buy a Mukaltin, cough medicine, ARTERIUM.

"Espumizan" - a completely useless drug

Before abdominal ultrasound I was told two days to drink "Espumizan" to avoid bloating. Drinking should take

Viburcol Very Суппозитории

Suppositories Viburkol child appointed a district pediatrician as antipyretic and analgesic. Son of prorezyvalis′ t

Ulusal gel for external use

Ulusal gel for external use I was prescribed the doctor. I suffer from osteoarthritis, pain in the joint. Ulusal the

Multivitamin complex Vitacon

When intercostal neuralgia doctor prescribed drug Vitacon intramuscularly every other day for 2 m. the First two

Eye drops Hilo-chest

Began to bother the eye, was always dry, the impression that the eyes are not moistened to the desired degree. Eye

Nimid gel "Kusum Healthcare useless

"Nimid" gel from "Kusum Healthcare produced in India. Bought for my mother, as she pulled a muscle in the country.

Cough Drops Stoptusin

Cough Drops I appointed Stoptusin by the attending doctor, but only after the appointed course I never got better-cough

Sugar instead drugs

On Thursday ill with the flu, a friend has brought these miracle pill along with other tools. Honestly expected more,

Eye drops Johnson&Johnson visine Classic

Because I wear contact lenses, my eyes sometimes become red and there is a feeling of dryness. To get rid of this

Plaster "Sopelka" does not help

Before going to sleep a child glued patch for inhalation "Sopelka" to spout a little easier to breathe. Baby

Thanks Cortexin child is developing normally

Hello beloved readers of my reviews! Many of us women have already become mothers. But, unfortunately, not all births

Eliminates fungus

Today I will share review about drug Multimill. In the beginning of this year I noticed that the nails on his feet

Быстрый и эффективный препарат Сальвагин при вагинозе

Сказать по правде, для меня сальвагин стал открытием. Раньше вагиноза боялась как не знаю чего, потому что лечиться при

It is convenient to take

To improve concentration and brain circulation has come to the pharmacy for bilobil Forte. It seemed to me that it is

thing! effective from itching

Impressed that there are such tools as Bocklin. He chicken pox in the childhood did not hurt, so when son picked it up,

Medical adhesive Sanita plast-good adhesive

adhesive Medical Sanita plast-good patch. Ease of use, various sizes for various wounds, breathable,

Cough syrup with plantain Mukoplant Dr Theiss effective assistance of cough.

Cough syrup with plantain Mukoplant Dr Theiss excellent and effective remedy for coughs. Tested it several times

Quality, convenient to receive, it is possible to chew

Good time of day. Decided to share my opinion about the drug Magnerot, maybe someone will be useful. After forty began

400 mg of the drug Pirotsetam RUE Grodno zavodmeditsinskih drugs - helps to dystonia

He took the drug three times a day to three capsules a day for two months, suffering neyrotserkulyatornoy distoneiey

First aid in case of intestinal infection.

Very nice we opened the swimming season in early June went to the sea, on a day to swim (fortunately the sea far from


I have a rather delicate stomach, and any new food can cause a huge discomfort. So the Arsenal of tools I have is a

Excellent tool Duphalac.

Unfortunately, after giving birth had a problem with the intestines, which gave a huge discomfort. The doctor

My assistant in the fight against acidity

I have since my teenage years, problems with the stomach due to the acidity. Have to constantly monitor and take

Emulsion for the body of "Akrihin" Emolium treat dry skin of the child.

Allergist wrote us with a means to prevent dry skin - emulsion for the body Emolium. She advised us to apply it twice a

Tablets Inflyutsid company Deutsche Homeopati Unión - good help in the fight against colds

For the prevention and control of influenza advise to try pills Inflyutsid. I'm starting to accept them at the

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