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Мазь Видестим и ее свойства. - Review

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Bio Oil - poor oil

After watching beautiful advertising oil from the scars Bio Oil, bought in a pharmacy is a cosmetic. Wanted to heal the

No pills are not the same!

Only once this drug and a treated for angina-2 days and almost throat not sore, but lately No-pills are not effective.

Farenheit with lemon.

Resting on the sea and prostudio throat. The pharmacy was asked to give me a good treatment for throat and eliminate

Bepanthol from stretch marks unsuccessful buying

Acquired 2 tubes of emulsion from marks Bepanthol!started to use the first tube generally refused to extradite the

cough syrup BRONHOBOS

Hello Sick, coughing temperature as usually happens. The temperature was brought down, and the cough stayed more than a

Drop "Pinosol" for the common cold - are ineffective!

It so happened that the sale was not my usual drops of cold, decided to try to drop "Pinosol." Absolutely did

Tablets NO-SPA from Sanofi Aventis

Because of the tendency to allergic reactions use only proven means for dealing with the pain and spasms. Tablets

Eye drops Vizin

I have often in the morning are red eyes, to get rid of this I decided to buy myself " eye drops Vizin

Sinupret drops (Bionorica) have no effect

ENT doctor prescribed my son, four-year drop of Sinupret (Bionorica). He said that they are 100% help with nasal

Drops Aflubin from Richard Bittner

Notorious drops Aflubin from Bittner and Richard for a long time it was widely advertised on TV and was administered by

The test for determining pregnancy "FAITH-PLUS" (inkjet) from "B-Sur-C" - accuracy is not their forte

This test is the most brazen manner led me astray on account of my condition. Pregnancy is not fixed, even though I

Drops Pinosol.

First time bought drops Pinosol 10 years ago, my child, felt them to be effective and safe, as they are exclusively of

Tantum Verde spray is not effective

The doctor prescribed a spray Tantum Verde my child, but after a few days of treatment with no improvement, and we went

Nasal drops Pinosol

These drops I was advised at the pharmacy, they say they are good because herbal, natural. But now I have a nose drops

For the treatment of colds Rinzasip

For the treatment of colds and flu Rinzasip. Not a pleasant taste, very sharp lekarstvo.Absolyutno not effective, does

The drug "Remantadin" against incipient colds

My classmate taught this method, a nurse. The point is simple. At the first appearance of cold symptoms, you just drink

Cream Gerpevir of JSC "Kyivmedpreparat" Ukraine - herpes, as a hand lifts

Very often, a cold is accompanied by a painful rash mainly on the lips and terribly mutilated them - lips swell, and

Aerosol kameton of JSC "Pharmstandard-Leksredstva" well protected by the throat pain.

Aerosol kameton of JSC "Pharmstandard-Leksredstva" is always in the home medicine cabinet. This is a reliable

Effective means

For me Decanal just a universal remedy, when the pain has been pestering, the best means is simply not to find. Tablets

Life without runny nose

Good evening! Here I could not resist and decided to write a review) despite the fact that it's summer and the heat we

Tselederm (Tselederm), weak.

Cream Tselederm certainly doing its job. Relieves itching and allergic skin irritation. But it is much weaker than the

Great pills helped me to increase hemoglobin.

With this drug I have encountered several times already, first time was appointed in mid-pregnancy, because I was the

Fezam - a great way to enhance memory and improve brain function.

Constant stress and the busy schedule of studies and social work at the university began to cause a terrible headache,

Great product for joints.

I have after thirty years started having problems with joints. The knees were periodically swell and ache. But the

Best I've taken

To belara I took lots of other contraceptives, and learned all the charm of side effects, some felt dizzy or felt sick,

DE NOL pills - really helps with erosive gastritis

We gastritchikov half of the country. And because we share generously with each other recipes. But NOL DE I started to

really helped

I doubted, but Stimforte really helped. The doctor said after the last course that viral load was less than half! This

Spray on cough ORASEPT Sagmel Inc., USA-help!

In diseases of the throat Oraseptom Rescue myself. Angina for me at all this means number one. Like that is easy to

Tablets Farmadol - head back healthy.

In recent years often have a headache, and rather strongly. Ordinary, mild headache tablets have not helped. even

To teeth grow without pain

When my 9 month old son climbed the upper front teeth, it was terribly naughty. The first two tooth he suffered quietly

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