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In Giroskutershop two electric bikes for the price of one!!! - Review

5 24.02.2019

Dreams come true, bikes Xiaomi appear!

As soon as I saw the promotion in store Giroskutershop , immediately called her husband and pleased him. We have been planning to buy a Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle electric bicycles Folding Electric Bike , they are cool, light , a little less than 15 kg, a cruising range of about 50 km , depending on speed and load! 20дюймовые wheel is suitable for a country drive in the summer on the roads of a housing estate. Cycling the husband is a long time, and the Amateur skating join us with the year already... a Few times went with friends on a picnic, went fishing. But on normal bikes too heavy to carry fishing gear, tent and other accessy. So was thinking about buying a e-bike Xiaomi. Out expensive , at 65000 for each, and here is the action!!! I don't get it, called, questioned, clarified about the warranty, about the documents, and then called my husband! He immediately went to the store and 65тысяч took note - 2!!!bike. Once in the store, checked everything and the packaging and application for Android and built-in Bluetooth all working)) Warranty card for three years. I go to the store's website, it becomes like Marfusha from a fairy tale "Morozko"- want, want, Want!)) Your promotional discounts will not let me sleep well)).

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