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Каучуковое финишное покрытие с кальцием от IQ Beauty. - Review

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Lipstick Max Factor Colour Collections (Max Factor Colour Kolekshens) - lipstick with a satin gloss and bright color

Lipstick Max Factor Colour Collections (Max Factor Colour Kolekshens) - This is disgusting lipstick from all that

Essence Nail Art Stampy Set (stencils for nails), such as children looked.

Of course the interesting thing is, you can quickly and accurately deliver image on nails. I think these stencils for

The tone of facial Dream Matte Mousse by MAYBELLINE (Dream Matt Mousse from Meybellin) - has been corrupted.

Before ever buying the tone for the face of the Dream Matte Mousse MAYBELLINE (Dream Matt Mousse from Meybellin) liked

Professional foundation elf - a big disappointment.

Up to a professional foundation course does not hold out! Lightweight, well-applied to the face, not greasy, but no

Artdeco eyeshadow

Shadow company Artdeco, very bad. The texture of shadows is very fat, shiny, when applying very crumble, crumble

Gloss Oriflame with disgusting brush

Recently bought a lip gloss Oriflame. It seems to match the color of the catalog. But instead of a brush - just a piece

Тушь Lumene Extra Volume

This Lumene mascara Extra Volume bought in the hope that it really is water-resistant, so advertised consultant.

Shadows of Vipera (Viper)

Shadows of Vipera (Viper) crumble and slide down. And just crumble. The only redeeming feature is brush, but for the

Maybelline Lip Gloss

Often buy cosmetics from Maybelline (Meybelin), including lip gloss. But the last purchase was unsuccessful. Lip Gloss

Тени Givenchy Ecrin Du Soir

I have a complaint about the quality of the shadows Givenchy'ecrin Du Soir. Two of dark shadows and sand colors poorly

Nail Sophin Seramic (Sofin ceramic) - a complete disappointment!

Nail Sophin Seramic (Sofin Ceramic) bought by the summer, because I liked its fresh green color. But, unfortunately,

Horrible smell gloss Loreal

Always dreamed about cosmetics Loreal, believed that it is simple aerobatics. Therefore, from the first paycheck

Concealer Maybelline Affintone

This concealer bribed me palette of colours, and it's unfortunately all. Consistency is very liquid, some oily. Tone

Mascara TF Dividg

Not long ago I bought myself a mascara Long Lash Dividg TF, which has chosen only because it is comfortable silicone

Nail Beaty Skin

Acquired nail polish Beaty Skin. "Command" at low cost, because I know that sometimes the budget varnishes

Eyeliner Faberlic Secret Fashion accentuate your beauty

Nice pencil, which is soft and easy to apply, without a flicker of an eyelid scarring. Their rich color can be seen

Loose Powder by Amway Artistry well matting your skin!

I really like the loose powder Artistry by Amway! It falls gently without clogging the pores, but it is very good

Blue ink Ja-De - a good, albeit expensive

Order on the internet recently, this mascara, because in our town did not find it. I take two weeks, fits well and does

Looks nice

This mascara is my beauty secret. Inexpensive, high-quality. Easy to apply, no lumps. Eyelashes after moderately heavy,

Nail Kolorama from Maybelline - lasting color, adequate price

good amount of paint for 90 rubles - 7.5 ml. It is neither more nor less, do not have time to get bored. Classic color

Mascara MAYBELLINE THE FALSIES VOLUME EXPRESS FLARED-quality and very good result.

After I have finished my mascara, I decided to try some new mascara, the more I heard about a mascara THE FALSIES

Bourjois Mascara CILS Lashes-1001 is a good mascara.

My friend bought a new mascara Bourjois 1001 CILS Lashes. Of course, I also wanted to try it in action. Mascara is

Lip Gloss Glam Shine crystals by L'OREAL - a bright, pleasing sheen

Carried on the lips for a long time, does not spread, a handy brush. Many colors, I love the ones with sequins, they

Favorite nail polish - rimmel.

RImmel lycra pro - super nail pedicure. He has quite a nice palette of color there to suit every taste. I love red and

Eyeliner-Vov-the most amazing!

Took a chance and bought a brand eyeliner Korean professional Vov. There are no words to express praise to producers.

Powder Blended Face Powder & Brush by Clinique - expensive, cute

Loose powder, like the fact that you can just pick a color. powder is very light, redness, and it does not hide the

Maybelline NY Volum'express Falsies

Adore her. Wonderful ink, wonderful volume, and even has a small extension effect. It is easy to apply, does not stick

Lip balm from Body Shop - nourishes, moisturizes but does not

lip balm from Body Shop in the summer was a great alternative to lipstick. Of course, it is not convenient to apply

Lip Pencil Mary Kay-reliable and durable.

It has long been using a lip pencil, Mary Kay. Very pleased with this pencil, so just bought three shades: casual,

Adjustment "Beauty Cycle" masks all the flaws!

I really like the quality of the corrector for the face of "Beauty Cycle". It is easy to mask all the flaws

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