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Ovarian Ovariamin - Review

5 21.03.2020

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Good day to all! Today I want to dedicate my opinion to the drug ovarian who helped me to fix my broken cycle.

My cycle has always been so good, 28 days +- a couple of days here and there when I get cold or when she was nervous. The rest of the cycle was exactly the same day. So when I started to have delay for a week or more I immediately realized that something was wrong and went to the doctor. The exact cause of the downed cycle could not be established, but the treatment the doctor prescribed me faithful - pills Ovarian.

Ovarian natural product, produced from the ovaries of cattle. I took a package of 40 tablets. the pills are small, normal, easy to drink. My doctor prescribed two twenty-day course with a break of three months between them. Saw two tablets twice a day.

In the first cycle delay is not shorter than the steel, but for myself, I noted that this time the ICP was moved much easier without painkillers and a sedative cost. In the following cycles the delay is already less than steel, and after the second course got back my regular cycle completely. And so at the moment I have a few cycles after the second year passed, do not drink anything from medicine, the critical days again the same day and PMS go missing. If I used PMS me the refrigerator would not tear, was irritated by everything, everything ached and was very sorry himself, but now regardless of the day of the course in a great mood, sweet not overlap. So probably lost even a little bit)

By the way, when I told a friend about ovarian, she also began to drink because she has problems with the cycle regular was almost a teenager. And how many remember her, she occasionally oral contraceptives drinks, that was more or less clear when the critical days to wait. And when they no longer drink them, the cycle began to walk. Now he finishes his second year ovarian, said that the cycle is already almost perfect, became, like me)

In General, ovarian good product, I liked it well-tolerated, is inexpensive, about six hundred rubles and helps with the crashing menstrualnogo cycle to cheer. So I suggest all who have similar problems..

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