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Breast pads for nursing ARDO Lilypads - Review

5 07.04.2016

Reusable breast pads can be useful )))

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For the first time after the birth of a daughter, my husband was going to leave, so to speak "in light". We were invited to the wedding. This is so cool! Honestly, I want a little escape from household chores.

I bought a beautiful dress, light and delicate as a cloud. Mother-in-law gladly agreed to sit with her granddaughter and even looking forward to the day when she will stay with the baby alone. I signed up to the master of packing, he thought, what will be the makeup. Picked up the dress shoes and purse.

It seems to be all completely ready. But no! There was one very big problem. We will go for a few hours, during this time, the Breasts will fill and the milk will start to leak. And such trouble I do not want. At first I thought about disposable cotton breast pads, but wearing a new dress, and saw how awful they look under the thin, flowing fabric. And without them to go is unacceptable.

Help came from not waiting. Mother-in-law seeing my agony, said that they have at work girl uses silicone pads and they are hardly visible under the shirt. That's just the name she did not remember. Well, it's not a problem, search on the Internet will help me.

And now, thanks to the tip mother-in-law and searching, I bought the pads on the chest LillyPadz from the company ARDO.

Lillypads - a rather large silicone lining in the form of a flower, pleasant to the touch. Now, if palm put, palm. But it is only a plus, because they are so conveniently adjacent to the chest.
The inner side has a sticky layer, so they do not move out and stick in place. They are very comfortable, no discomfort from them.

Under the dress they really committed is not visible, so my husband calmly went to the restaurant.
A few hours of celebration and dancing lillypads have shown themselves more than worthy. During this time they moved out, not leaked droplets of milk. Underneath the breast did not sweat, and I the rest of the evening looked and felt great.
The trick is that the pads do not absorb milk, as a one-off, from-for what there are unpleasant sensations and irritation. Lillypads so tightly attached to the chest, which hinder the flow of milk from the breast in principle.
Ahead of the summer, and that means I can wear light dresses and thin shirts.

In addition, lilypadz reusable and you can use them during sports. How many here use them, never let me down. I even wonder why I had not thought about them out.

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