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Электросамокат Halten из - Review

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Expander-massager Hand "Ring" - a waste of money

For the money - do not get better. He was tight, but there is compression 20kg, so if you're weak, they do not fit,

Tent HouseFit WAIKIKI - just for good weather

For non-frequent trips to the nature of this tent will do. But only considering the weather conditions. If the two of

racing bike "Merida" is too complex scheme gear.

Decided to buy a sport bike "Merida" a very decent money, collecting more than one month, but the day of

Scooter "Svyatogor" quickly wears out.

Long ride on the scooter "Svyatogor" was very pleased with it, but recently began to notice that he quickly

Обруч гимнастический tournament A-843

Bought it in the hope that it will be a big benefit. I thought, why will plain aluminum, when you can buy a hoop with

soccer ball "Adidas" is not distinguished by high quality.

I bought a soccer ball "Adidas" brand with the colors and what do you think he was not very long-playing,

Goggles OCEAN - poor quality

Points handle difficult, especially in the men's broad face. In connection with this a little leak and goggles, but

Set for a mini-golf "Partner 11-14" - the delicate

I bought a set of mini-golf course "Partner 11-14" to a friend as a gift for the New Year has brought to his

Cardio Twister Stepper simulator, which is not suitable for people who have never engaged in sports.

I bought one Cardio Twister Stepper simulator which saw on TV advertising, in fact, he was much more than I thought,

Dumbbells Fitness from Torneo - inconvenient to capture

For fitness I needed dumbbells, long thinking, I bought a pound dumbbells from Torneo. I took a nice bright yellow

Circle for the waist with spikes

Always wanted to get rid of the sides and belly. How many methods I tried, was one of them - a circle for the waist

Block for Yoga "Fresh" - unstable

Power Yoga "Fresh" - good for passive deflections (enclose a spine, not rigid), as support for the priest, if

Bike Ukrainian production "Stork" assembled at random!

Bought my son a bike Ukrainian production "Stork" middle wheels, but sadly he broke the fourth day of skiing,

Expander "Multi Trimmer" - not suit guys

I'm a guy, can expander "Multi Trimmer" is more suitable for girls. Execution is that it seems not for

Motoperchatki Kuaxia, the real China, the quality of horror.

Taken to the cheap goods and bought gloves firm Kuaxia. On the surface skin is not bad, myagenkaya. Sit tight. But the

Sleeping bag HouseFit JAKUTSK - warm and cozy

Sleeping Bag is sometimes very necessary, especially for those who want to experience the oneness with nature and

Expander thoraco-brachial "O" is suitable for recovery

ordered for restoration of shoulder joint after injury. Complete with another trainer, as a complement perfectly. And

Treadmill HouseFit HT-9052HP is quiet.

Really love to run. But, unfortunately, get together and allocate an hour to go run en street, at the stadium. does not

Select soccer balls are the best!

Ten years of playing football in various tournaments - more balls than the Select is not met. And the balls of any size

Swimsuit by BALTIC BRIDGE. Country of origin - Russia - towards the top.

Sports rehearsal of the swimsuit BALTIC BRIDGE composition: 90% cotton, 10% lycra. The fabric is very soft to the

Spray against mosquitoes, midges, horseflies with oil of cloves Arnest "Picnic Super" has saved us in the campaign

Recently went on a campaign, and now just time to mosquitoes and other parasites that like to make money with fresh

Hand Expander "MaxSpringer"

Plastic handles are eternal, but clearly intended for beginners. People who have already trained a little bit, these

Travel Backpack Millet Adventure Duffel Bag IV 30 - friendly

comparison is not an expensive bag, but the quality is not inferior. Convenient - the main thing, the beautiful, the

Sculpture BC-6710G is not a bad trainer, for those CLC much space at home.

For me the bike is the most convenient and practical simulator. Myself to run, catch up or can not bend, but sit down

Camping HB4-429 - all you need at your fingertips

Very handy suitcase for everything you need for nature: crockery, cutlery for two people, a small cutting board, and

swimming costume "LeGrand" helps to learn to swim.

I want to learn to swim for a long time, but clearly began to receive what is bought as a swimming costume

Bike "Atlanta S370" is suitable for traveling over long distances.

I am engaged in cycling, for a long time and all the while traveling, on a bicycle "Atlanta S370" which is

A bottle of water (sports) from the company PUMA - the key to successful training!

My daughter 6 years old. It is engaged in tennis. The loads are very strong, the baby is sweating, thirsty during a

Bike Proteus Pec 2015

Ergonomic design does not take up much space. A little heavy, but has wheels to make it easier to move. A set of

Backpack-HydraPac North Face brand of comfortable and roomy.

It is very easy to travel backpack-HydraPac, which allows you to always have a supply of water to drink, without

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