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Vintger Kosenko Victor Kosenko Alina - Review

-5 15.11.2014

Scammers grifters freaks from Kiev

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It professionals do not recommend to work with these KIDAL. I designed the layout of the website(text, logo, 2 revisions, all deadlines are met, the source is sent). After, for several reasons: very low rates of remuneration of labour, a very short time to develop layouts, contusion on the whole head 18-year-old Manager Alina Kosenko (Taraskina) - I cultural and argued refused further cooperation on such favorable terms.
One month after the delivery of the project inquired about payment - said that they have already paid. Asked for data on remittances - Victor said that the project is not approved!
Through the website found out that the customer gave to make up my psd is not already vinteger, and other freelance work.. and did not pay, began to descend to insults, I complained to the administration have attached evidence of abuse, the administration replied - " When receiving multiple complaints against user Viktor Kosenko [vs] his account will be blocked until settlement of all claims. If the customer and other users have claims to the Victor, they need to contact support on their own, with correspondence on cooperation."

Two accounts of these SCAMMERS already locked:

1) (Reason: Attempted to damage the service. Threats to the administration. Numerous complaints from customers.)


All deceived by experts and customers are encouraged to join in a collective complaint.
Phone 1: +380932070651
Phone 2: +380932070652

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