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Anesthetic drug Dexona - Review

5 14.05.2019

My experience of the drug Diconal!

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How many times told myself, keep in the first aid kit pain reliever.

Hi all, today I would like to talk about the pain, but rather about how sometimes it catches us by surprise. By nature I am a person very responsible and look after their health, doing regular check-UPS from doctors, but that's what the dentist always delay the visit to the last. And as usual, sharp tooth pain took me by surprise the night on the weekend.

In the first aid kit in addition to the Advil I had nothing, so I had to send my husband in all-night drugstore for a good painkillers, and then he and I brought Decanal. Packing the drug is bright and beautiful, inside it was 10 small tablets, the size of a pea. Indications: musculoskeletal pain (mild or moderate severe); algomenorrhea; toothache.

In the package were detailed instructions with description of the drug, its use and contraindications. Recommended daily dose for adults is 3 tablets per day. After taking 1 pill, my tooth pain subsided as early as on 20 minutes, a good result I thought, but decided to see how much will be enough for his actions. In the end, I slept through the entire night, without a hint of a toothache. As it turned out, the drug acts for 6-8 hours, which turned me on very much. In the morning I drank another pill of Decanal and went to the dentist.

So that's what I would like to say, always keep in my first aid kit is a good pain reliever as it is not known when a strong tooth or joint pain will find you at the most inopportune moment. As for this drug, I recommend it with both hands, because it is fast acting, long relieves pain and leaves no unpleasant consequences!

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