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Обезболивающий препарат Дексонал - Review

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Antipyretic syrup PANADOL BABY running very slowly. It is necessary to take at the same temperature to 38 degrees, to

Drops in the eye "Sisteyn Ultra" bad relieve fatigue and stress

For days I sit at the computer, sometimes almost round the clock, of course, the eye of a very large load. Normal state

Nimesil not relieves pain!

Sore back and pharmacy pharmacist recommended that the drug Nimesil (Nimesil) as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Solution "Dioksizol."

On the recommendation of a physician surgeon for more rapid healing of postoperative wounds I bandage with a solution

Immunomodulating agent Lek Immunal Drops - without expensive special effects.

Effect of the immunomodulating special tools Lek Immunal, drops, I did not feel like that. Due to the high content of

Bepanthol from stretch marks unsuccessful buying

Acquired 2 tubes of emulsion from marks Bepanthol!started to use the first tube generally refused to extradite the

Expectorant "pertussin" bad-tool

Expectorant "pertussin." Great tool and I must say, it fully justifies its low tsenu.Effekta zero, cough, I

Cough syrup Erespal

I had a very dry cough, my doctor prescribed me cough syrup Erespal. I took the syrup 3 times a day for 5 days. The

Diazolin from "Farmak" (Ukraine) - causes drowsiness

I do not have allergies, because antihistamines are virtually absent, but occasionally there are situations when no

Lozenges with sore throat Biofarm Holset

After a weekend spent at the lake, I felt a slight sore throat. To get on reception to the therapist that I had failed.

Phenkarol is not helped by etc

Cutting the course fenkarol, in accordance with the regulations, but the effect is not felt. Against pollinosis

Cream-foam Panthenol

On the beach just burned yourself shoulders, the pharmacy purchased the cream Panthenol foam, because I know that she's

Pills att long don't help.

Bought pills att long since succumbed to exposure to advertising. To start as soon as the cough, but during the 5-day

Inspiron - children's cough syrup

The doctor has attributed Inspiron for the treatment of deep cough in children. After three days of application, the

Aerosol "Geksoral" - a horrible drug

I often see on TV advertising aerosol "Geksoral" manufacturer "Parke-Davis", France. Advertising

The drug "Immunal"

"Immunal" is based on Echinacea. A useful property of this plant are well known. The drug is used on a

Spray for topical use "Tantum Verde" - very good.

Last weekend I got sick, I have a very sore throat, cough, and I was very tormented. Had to be treated quickly, so my

"Theravit Anti Stress" - a great range of vitamins for the nervous system

For the prevention of neuroses, I was told a great range of vitamins for the nervous system "Theravit

Drops Hilak forte - helping children and adults.

This product is assigned to me after a course of antibiotics. Drops Hilak Fort normalize the composition of intestinal

Tsiprobaks - the best means of pneumonia!

This medicine is indispensable in the treatment of pneumonia, it relieves swelling of the lungs and improves the

Отличная аптека!

Как там было? Типа театр начинается с вешалки, книга - с обложки, да? Знакомство с Доброй аптекой началось с их роскошно

Избавляют от сухости в горле и отлично увлажняют

Мне Ислу прописывал Лор, когда возникли проблемы с горлом. Несколько дней ощущалась сухость и неприятное першение, от ко

Spray Aqua Maris for the throat - the throat does not hurt anymore

Data spray we recommend to use ENT to prevent the child's seasonal colds. But recently I have sore throat, but

Nasal spray Akvalor mini aloe vera is very good.

When sonny got sick, at the pharmacy the pharmacist is advised to cure the common cold. And, indeed, a very good tool

очень выручил

Мне этот гель посоветовала подруга. Брали подобное средство, не подошло, не нравилось. А тут буквально сразу после того,

Pills "Shiitake" from "Evalar" - helps to cope with the malignant cells in the early

Recently at work we had a rather unpleasant story. One of the officers raised a suspicion of cancer. Revealed she had

Эффективное и действенное средство от грибка ногтей

Появилась проблема с грибком ногтей пальцев на ногах. Этот недуг одолевает меня уже более двух лет и не знала как с ним

Antiseptic cream Himanen "Boro Plus" great help in the healing of wounds!

Recently, I have often traumatize the skin - is a cut, scratch that! The skin heals long, painful! Resorted to using a

Strengthens the immune system

In that year, the child was sick. Did not have time to kindergarten to take, then almost a month sitting at home. He

Климактоплан при климаксе просто мечта

Мне подошел только Климактоплан. 2 года принимаю, скоро закончим, вроде как климакс подходит к концу. В гормонах не нужд

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