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Ventilation air purification system in the house - Review

5 02.12.2019 | 02 December 2019 at 16:56

My opinion about Airnanny A7 .

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I want to share my first impressions about the purchase of the ventilation system Airnanny A7 Start. Chose her for a reason, we needed not just an air purifier for the nursery, but also a humidifier and that was a function of the climate control in the room.
The block itself Airnanny A7 looks very stylish, beautiful, fashionable, modern. There are no twinkling lights, the extra wires, attachment points. On the wall aeriana looks harmonious. Unit weight 11 kg.
The most basic functions of Hernani :
- climate control , special sensors inside the unit record level, humidity, temperature and oxygen level.
- recirculation mode
- adjust fresh air supply from the street, cleaning from dust, impurities, gases, odors.
- there is heating of the air.
- hydration.
Purifier operates very quietly, almost inaudible. The characteristics of the noise level of 17.6 DBA.
An important point in the humidifier is UV light which disinfects the water. Moisture in the room is uniform.
About the filters in Hernani three of them. Base, to change it just 1 time per month to wash. The second filter is the HEPA filter. The third is carbon (coal) filter. Change 1 time a year.
From my personal experience I would say that the difference is huge, when there was no ventilation system and now. The air is fresh, pleasant, clean, off the street odors do not penetrate. The window now don't open for ventilation, the dust is almost there.

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